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Do You Need a Construction Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge?

Do You Need a Construction Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge is constantly growing and changing. New businesses and neighborhoods are popping up all the time. Our roads are often getting (much-needed) repairs and improvements. All this building and repairing requires skilled workers in our capital city. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction accounts for more than 50,000 jobs in the Baton Rouge area. And that number is growing every month. Don’t allow yourself to be another victim of Baton Rouge construction accidents.

The Dangers of Construction

Unfortunately, construction is one of the most dangerous occupations as well. A quick online search leads to hundreds of news articles about construction accidents, and numerous accidents in the Baton Rouge area. Safety is often a priority on construction sites, but accidents still happen. If you’re involved in a construction accident at no fault, you deserve compensation. Navigating worker’s compensation can seem difficult and confusing. You don’t want to make the wrong move and jeopardize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.  

Construction Accident Timeline

Time is often of the essence after a construction accident. If you’re injured while working at a construction site, there are a few steps you should follow in the days and weeks immediately after.

1. Report the accident to your employer

The accident needs to be recorded in as much detail as possible and as soon as possible. There is often a statute of limitations in these situations. That means if action is not taken within a certain window of time, you might lose your rights to a worker’s compensation claim. Never sign anything from your employer or insurance company before speaking to your workers’ compensation attorney. You should also never quit your job after suffering an injury at work.

2. Go to the doctor

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance. Go to a doctor or hospital as soon as possible. The extent of your injury needs to be determined and you need to begin treatment. After your visit, you may need to add an injury report to your original accident report.   

3. Contact an attorney that specializes in workers’ compensation cases

You should reach out to an attorney, even if you have an existing claim and are currently receiving benefits. An attorney specializing in workers’ compensation can help better protect you and your rights. Make sure it’s an attorney that doesn’t charge you anything until they win or settle your case. You don’t want to get hurt twice!

Your Construction Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge

The law firm of Williamson, Fontenot, Campbell, & Whittington, LLC (WFCW) assists all of Baton Rouge with their legal needs. Their work includes construction accidents as well as personal injury, vehicle accidents, and general liability/malpractice. Our experienced attorneys have been locally and nationally recognized for their work. Use WFCW as your construction accident attorney in Baton Rouge.

If you’ve been involved in a construction accident, give us a call at 225-383-4010. We’ll meet with you for a free and confidential consultation. We also receive no fee unless we win or settle your case. We’re working for you and we want to see you get all you deserve after a construction accident.  You can also contact us online or email us at  

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