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Product Liability Lawyer in Baton Rouge, Liability Claim

How To Know If You Have a Product Liability Claim

If you have been injured or suffered other types of damages related to a product that you have used, you may be able to file a product liability claim. There are three main types of product liability claims:

  1. Defectively Manufactured Products: This means that there was some error in making it, including how it was fabricated at a manufacturing facility. This can mean that parts are missing, cracked, or have something that has tainted it in some way. The proof of a product liability claim is that it was the error in how it was manufactured that caused you to become ill or that created the accident rather than your actions.
  2. Defectively Designed Products: Not all product designs are created equal, so some can be defective and even dangerous. The proof of this product liability claim has to show that the entire line of products is defective and dangerous and not be connected at all to how the person used the product. Most often with these, there are many other people that experienced the same defect in the product they purchased, showing strength in numbers that you have a product liability claim.
  3. Failure to Provide Adequate Warning or Instructions: This last category involves a product that becomes dangerous in a way that is not apparent to the user and should have been explained in the instructions that came with the product. Most products have manuals that are intended to explain very precisely how the product can and cannot be used as well as how certain actions may result in some harm to the user. If these are not addressed, you may have a viable product liability claim.
Contacting A Liability Lawyer in Baton Rouge

If you believe that your injury or damage falls into one of these categories, it is then time to consult with a product liability lawyer who can further help you to determine whether you have a valid claim and the most efficient strategy for presenting your case. A lawyer can help you understand the differences in these product liability claims and help get you the compensation you deserve for any unnecessary injury or even a fatality related to a loved one. Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you with a product liability claim.

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