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baton rouge car wreck attorney and advice

Baton Rouge Car Wreck Advice

Ok, you’ve been in a Baton Rouge car wreck. Who hasn’t? Look at Baton Rouge car wreck statistics, you’ll see it’s pretty darn common. Don’t be embarrassed. Baton Rouge is notorious for its traffic and there’s a car wreck attorney billboard practically on every corner for a reason. But, if you really want to be taken care of and you’re not just trying to get your name on a billboard next to a large check, we can help.

Some Advice For Locals

First and foremost, if you have the option, don’t get out of your car. Stay put, call the police to report the accident, and wait for them to arrive. Establishing a chain of evidence is important, not just for you but for everyone involved. You need to know that everything is documented. Another piece of advice we routinely give is to begin filming or taking pictures as soon as you can. This way, a good deal of what happens after the wreck is documented in a way that is objective. So, what follows are the steps after a wreck.

  • Stay In The Car
  • Begin Filming/Taking Pictures
  • Call The Police
  • Assess Your Health
  • Assess The Health of Any Passengers
  • Call Your Car Insurance Company

From this point forward, you’re going to want to talk to a Baton Rouge car wreck attorney. Not someone who is from out of town and does not understand the local issues and individuals that will be involved, but someone who is nearby. This has the added benefit of meaning that you can meet with them face to face. Much of the legal process boils down to trusting your attorney. You can’t do that if they’re in another city or state.

How To Hire A Car Wreck Attorney

There are a couple of important ideas to cover. First, just because an attorney is well known does not mean he knows what he is doing. Some do, some don’t. So make sure you do your research. Second, you’re going to want to ensure that every piece of documentation is given to the attorney so that they have a good idea of what they’re dealing with.

Meet with your attorney face to face. That means hiring local, as we said, but it also means having a meeting to discuss your case. You need to know you can trust the car wreck attorney you’re hiring.

Contact WFCW

Obviously, we want to be considered as your Baton Rouge car wreck attorney. But, we’re happy to have helped you to start making a decision about this process. If you want to talk to us, get legal help by pressing the button below.


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