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How many Baton Rouge car wrecks happen each year? If you've been a victim, see if we can help you.

Baton Rouge Car Wrecks: The How, What, and When?

In Baton Rouge, bad traffic and car wrecks are more common than you’d think. With a deteriorating quality of roads and lack of funding for infrastructure, car accidents and traffic have become the norm. Enjoying crawfish and LSU football unfortunately means you’re going to have to put up with all of the bad parts as well. But in reality, how frequent do car wrecks in Baton Rouge occur?

How Bad Are Baton Rouge Car Wrecks?

According to official statistics, there were 17,432 car wrecks reported with property damage in 2018, meaning damage to the vehicles involved. Did you know there are almost 18,000 Baton Rouge car wrecks in a year? Think about how frequent car wrecks are to make that number. More than 51 car wrecks per day (on average) occurred in East Baton Rouge in order to get to that total. Of the almost 18,000 Baton Rouge car wrecks, 59 of those wrecks were fatal. As far as injuries go, 8,571 injuries were sustained in Baton Rouge car wrecks in 2018.

What’s The Cost?

How much did these accidents cost Louisianians anyways? The cost of a car wreck in Louisiana can range from the thousands to more than 1.6 million. It all depends upon the damage. If a fatality occurred, average costs according to official statistics are over 1.6 million, while property damage to vehicles occurred costs, on average, of about $7,000 per wreck. Who knows how much it would cost you?

When Does It Happen?

Overall, there are more Baton Rouge car wrecks occurring on Fridays (895 total in 2018) than on Sundays (521 total in 2018). Check the numbers yourself if you find it hard to believe. As far as what time of year, official statistics indicate October is definitely the most dangerous (521 injury crashes). You’d be safer in July (440 injury crashes) than any other month.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should only drive on Sundays and avoid driving in October. It means that wrecks happen at times when there is more traffic, when people are more distracted, or when the weather is at its worst. So, remember to pay attention to the road. If you’ve already been in a wreck, contact a Baton Rouge car wreck attorney as soon as possible.

Trust WCW

Have you been in an accident recently? You should consult with the lawyers at WCW today. After an accident, it’s important for you to be able to focus on recovering—not worrying about medical bills and lost wages. Having the right lawyer is crucial to get the compensation you deserve. 

Williamson Campbell & Whittington specializes in handling Baton Rouge car wrecks. We take absolutely no fee unless we win your case or settle it outside of court. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation. We won’t let you become just another statistic. 

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