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An auto wreck that calls for the help of lawyers in Baton Rouge

4 Reasons to Seek an Auto Wreck Lawyer in Baton Rouge

Getting in a car wreck can be a devastating incident. Your whole life may need to be put on hold so you can focus on recovery and the legal battle before you. Lost wages and bills piling up can be overwhelming and cause unnecessary stress. It is imperative to find auto wreck lawyers in Baton Rouge willing to fight for you and get you back on your feet. At WCW Injury Lawyers, we do everything possible to help you receive a positive outcome. Learn about just some of the types of auto wrecks we can help you with. 


Given their size, 18-wheeler accidents can cause significant damage to your vehicle and yourself. A recent study found that 101,000 truck crashes resulted in an injury, with over 4,400 of those resulting in fatalities. These events can have far-reaching effects that disrupt your entire life. The size and weight of an 18-wheeler can be a powerful force when pitted against your vehicle. A lawyer with experience in 18-wheeler accidents can show what really happened that day. 

Commercial Vehicle

If you are the victim of a commercial vehicle collision, be sure you are prepared for the fight. Commercial vehicles are typically driven by professional drivers, meaning their livelihood is directly related to them having a clean driving record. It’s natural to search for auto wreck lawyers in Baton Rouge who can examine your case in detail and hold all responsible parties accountable.

Drunk Driver

More than 40% of all motor vehicle crashes in Louisiana are related to drunk driving. While nothing can reverse the pain caused, Louisiana law can award victims additional damages in these specific scenarios. A lawyer experienced in trying this type of case can protect your rights and help you seek the largest claim possible. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be especially devastating due to the lack of protection between the rider and their surroundings. Road rash, broken bones, and worse can occur following a collision. This is why victims must have an experienced motorcycle crash attorney representing their interests. The skilled attorneys at WCW Injury Lawyers can explore the details of your case to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Find Auto Wreck Lawyers in Baton Rouge Who Can Protect Your Rights

If you have been injured on the road due to someone else’s actions or inaction, it’s important to speak with a knowledgeable lawyer. No matter what type of vehicle collision you have found yourself in, the experienced lawyers at WCW are ready to help you get your life back on track. Our knowledgeable staff can negotiate with insurance companies and take your case to court. Contact us today on our website or call us at 225-383-4010 to schedule a free consultation. Don’t face the legal system alone. Let WCW Injury Attorneys fight for you!

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