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hire a maritime attorney in baton rouge

5 Reasons to Hire A Maritime Attorney

Do you think you might need to hire a maritime attorney and need that extra little push? We’re happy to give it, for obvious reasons, but the truth is that in most legal situations where you are considering hiring a lawyer, you should stop thinking about it and start taking the next steps. An attorney will not take a case that is just a waste of time, it’s best to get their input and then consider how they stand to benefit and how seriously you can take their advice. This is true of any attorney, but when it comes to hiring a maritime attorney, it does depend upon the details of your case.

Hire A Maritime Attorney: 5 Reasons

1 – Local Experience

You want to hire a maritime attorney that has significant experience in the field of maritime law. Whether your case relates to the Jones Act, to offshore injuries, or to a boat accident, you will want an attorney with experience in trying cases that are related to that specific type of legal issue.

2 – Expertise

Williams Fontenot Campbell & Whittington has the sort of expertise that you would want from your attorney. When you entrust your legal issue to an attorney, you want to know that they have the expertise needed to get your through the situation.

3 – Customer Service

Your attorney should be focused on high quality customer service. That means working diligently to advance your case and communicating to you, clearly and concisely.

4 – Free Consultation

An attorney should be willing to hear your legal issue and determine whether they can help before talking about pricing. That is why WFCW offers a free consultation for anyone looking to hire a maritime attorney.

5 – Availability

The most frustrating thing for a client is to call their attorney and hear nothing back. To have concerns and never have those concerns spoken to is unacceptable. An attorney should be available to their clients. Obviously, there is a reasonable limit here–the attorney cannot answer every phone call personally and usually must spend time beyond reach. But, an attorney should be able to quickly and reliably get back to clients.

Hire A Maritime Attorney

Thinking that it might be time to hire a maritime attorney? Contact WFCW as soon as possible so that you can get the process moving.

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