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The Simple Steps To Determining If You Have A Jones Act Claim

The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act, was made effective in 1920. But don’t let the age of the law fool you, it is still very relevant today. It might have certain aspects that make it seem outdated or inefficient, but it’s still the prevailing law of the land when it comes to injuries caused by negligence or misuse of sea-going vessels.

What Is The Jones Act?

The Jones Act was created to meet a need. During World War I, there was no way for workers and armed forces members to be transported safely. This Act clarified safety issues and provided for the well-being of the crew. This means individuals aboard maritime vessels, broadly defined, are protected from exploitation, requires compensation for injuries due to negligence by employers, requires employers to maintain safe environments and access to medical care, and sets certain stands for safety equipment aboard vessels and maritime situations.

Does The Jones Act Cover Oil Rigs?

The short answer is: yes. Oil rigs are considered maritime environments for the purposes of the Jones Act and we’ve seen this play out in courtrooms again and again. Oil and gas rigs represent Louisiana’s largest industry. These rigs are run by some of the largest employers in the state. Oil industry jobs are high paying and very rewarding, but they’re also often high risk. That often means a higher chance of injury, too.

What Does A Jones Act Claim Cover?

It could cover many different injuries. This includes but is not limited to, burns, head injuries, broken bones, eye injuries, back and neck injuries, paralysis, internal injuries, and death. If regular maintenance is not performed or if a dangerous situation is made possible through negligence, then the employer is culpable according to The Jones Act. You need to file a Jones Act claim in order to get the ball rolling and protect yourself financially.

WFCW Has You Covered

Our team of Baton Rouge attorneys has a wealth of experience with Jones Act claims. Whether you work on a steamboat, an oil rig, or a cargo ship, we’re equipped to handle your case and get you the legal and financial protection you need.

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