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For the right offshore injury attorney in Baton Rouge, turn to WFCW for help!

Should You Hire an Offshore Injury Attorney in Baton Rouge

Louisiana’s economy thrives because of our maritime industry. Many workers in Baton Rouge make their living working offshore. Unfortunately, the maritime industry can be dangerous and injuries can happen at any time. This may lead injured workers to seek the counsel of an offshore injury attorney in Baton Rouge to help them recoup losses due to injury and the inability to work.

What Do Offshore Accident Attorneys in Baton Rouge Do?

Simply put, an offshore injury attorney focuses on maritime law and specifically on injury cases that occur offshore on ships, oil rigs, and more. Maritime laws are a unique set of laws written solely for the maritime industry. They exist to help protect workers in the event of an injury, and only affect those who work offshore. The inner workings of maritime law are very different and require a specialist to fully understand personal injury cases occurring offshore.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

When you’re injured on the job—whether you’re working on an offshore oil rig, a ship, or another offshore facility—you are entitled to receive compensation for your injuries, medical costs, and living expenses while you’re in recovery. This compensation is known as maintenance and cure and is required by maritime law in the case of an offshore personal injury. Unfortunately, in many instances, employers will either refuse to take responsibility for the incident or only pay a small fraction of what an employee is entitled to.

What is Maintenance and Cure?

The term “maintenance and cure” is one of the core concepts of maritime law, wherein a vessel owner must pay for living expenses, including food, rent, and transportation, as well as your medical expenses until you’ve fully recovered. The idea of “cure” requires an injured person to reach maximum medical cure. They must improve their functioning ability, a point beyond simply being healed. Maintenance refers to the responsibility placed on a vessel owner to provide for his crew member during their rehabilitation for injuries sustained while working on the vessel. The owner/employer is responsible until that worker can maintain on his own.

What Could Happen Without an Attorney?

Oftentimes, employers will attempt to deny responsibility for an injury sustained offshore on their vessels or facilities. There are many reasons why this might occur, but ultimately it comes down to profits and loss. They want to do everything they can to avoid costly expenses related to worker injury claims.

When you’re injured offshore, depending on the severity of your injuries you could be facing a multitude of issues, including:

  • Lost wages due to an inability to work
  • Medical bills and rehabilitation costs
  • Inability to pay rent, utilities, food costs

If you’ve been injured in an offshore accident and your employer has failed to or is refusing to provide benefits to you, contact an offshore injury attorney in Baton Rouge today for help. WCW are experts in both maritime law and offshore injuries. We can help you receive the benefits and compensation you deserve. Fill out a form online or call us at 225-383-4010 today!

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