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What Types of Injuries Result From Slip and Fall Accidents

Many job sites and work environments are at risk for slip and fall accidents. While it sounds like a minor thing to trip over a cord or fall off a ladder, these types of accidents can be quite serious. Here are some of the types of injuries that can occur from slip and fall accidents on the job.

The Most Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

The most commonplace injuries occur with the neck, back, and spinal cord.  The result can be chronic pain for a long period or even the rest of a person’s life, depending on the location and severity. Other results are paralysis, the inability to continue working, reduced quality of life, and huge medical and rehabilitation bills.

Neck injuries come from slips and falls that occur from ladders, equipment, and floors. Water on the floor or unseen cords or other items can also create neck injuries.

Back injuries are the cause of most disabilities on the job that can result from a one-time slip or fall or become a problem after numerous falls or slips. The pain can happen immediately or back pain can become worse over time. Back injuries may involve ligaments or muscles, or the slip or fall can impact vertebrae or discs in the back.

Spinal cord accidents from slips and falls more often than not result in permanent disability. This includes partial or full paralysis.  Those at risk for spinal cord injuries from slip and fall accidents include construction workers, maritime workers, and warehouse and plant workers.

A Loss of Quality of Life

The result of slip and fall accidents can be injuries that forever impact your quality of life. It will also affect those loved ones that look to you for financial support. Most often, your employer has not provided a work environment that has a health and safety strategy in place or training program designed to reduce the risk of these types of accidents.

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Beyond workers’ compensation insurance or other claims that you can make, you may require additional compensation for your injuries. These insurance companies try just to offer the bare minimum for your injuries, but you deserve more. Contact us today for your free case review to see if our legal team can help you be fully compensated for any slip and fall accidents.

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