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Most Common Car Accidents You Need A Personal Injury Attorney For, personal injury baton rouge, common car accidents attorney

Most Common Car Accidents You Need A Personal Injury Attorney For

So many Americans—and Louisianians—rely on their vehicles every day. Cars are used to get to work and school. Cars carry important cargo, including your loved ones. Because of all these needs, there are 263.6 million cars on the roads in the United States. With all these cars, car accidents are all too familiar. And if you’ve been in a car accident, you need a personal injury attorney to protect your rights.

All Kinds Of Car Accidents

All these cars combined with all the types of roads make for a variety of different accidents. Not all crashes are the same. The speed, point of impact, and terrain all contribute to the amount of damage. The one thing these accidents have in common? A personal injury attorney can help represent your best interests.

Rear-End Collisions

You can blame it on the traffic, texting, or the weather. Whatever the cause, rear-end collisions are the most common type of accident. They can wreak havoc on your bumper. A collision can also hurt your back and neck. The severity of crashes can easily multiply. Impact can push you in the car in front of you, which if hit hard enough, can push them into the next. It’s a terrible kind of dominos. You could be injured, and your car could be damaged on both ends. A personal injury attorney can ensure the insurance company gives what you deserve.

T-Bone Accidents

Turning at an intersection is trusting other cars to not hit you. Unfortunately, sometimes they do. Getting hit on the side of your car is known as getting t-boned. The name comes from the letter T shape the two vehicles create. It’s a name that could have come from a kindergartener. But getting t-boned is anything but fun—it’s a horrifying experience.

Accidents While Merging

Failing to check your mirrors or blind spots. Speeding. Another car merging. All of these actions can cause vehicles to clip one another. When you choose to change lanes, you always run the risk of sideswiping. Avoid it by being very vigilant. If another car does hit you while merging, the damage depends on the speed you both were going. It might just be some scratches. Higher speeds it can push you into another lane, even an oncoming lane. Hopefully, your health is not compromised. An experienced lawyer can help represent you and your family.

Low-Speed Crashes

Even colliding with another car at a low speed can cause damage. Your vehicle can have dents. A badly placed dent can mean replacing a whole panel. Your body can still sustain injuries in low-speed crashes as well. Call an injury attorney to protect your rights.   

Personal Injury Attorneys

If you’ve experienced a car accident in Baton Rouge, find lawyers experienced in this type of law. Williamson Fontenot Campbell & Whittington, LLC (WFCW) is ready to help. Our specialized knowledge and years of practicing law are acknowledged and respected. Even our opposition recognizes that we are honorable and well-prepared adversaries. Give us a call at 225-383-4010. You can also email us at We’ll listen to the details of your car accident and see what we can do. Your vehicle, health, and savings are too important to leave unrepresented, regardless of how many car accidents you’ve been in in the past.

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