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Find experienced truck wreck lawyers in Baton Rouge.

Truck Accidents in Baton Rouge: What You Should Know

Unfortunately, car accidents are all too common in Baton Rouge. It’s the second-largest city in Louisiana, which means there are thousands upon thousands of people traveling the streets each day. And, with so many people driving across busy roads and highways, it creates a recipe for disaster. Sadly, this includes large trucks. Many drive as if they own the road with little regard for the drivers around them. They may become so focused on delivering their cargo that they fail to notice when someone stops or changes lanes. Because these trucks are so large and heavy, the damage they can do is catastrophic. Have you been the victim of one of these accidents? If so, it helps to know where to find experienced truck wreck lawyers in Baton Rouge.

The attorneys at WCW have extensive experience with Baton Rouge vehicle accident cases. These include wrecks involving semi tractor trailers, commercial vehicles, and 18 wheelers. Learn how the truck wreck lawyers at WCW help Baton Rouge victims find legal relief.

Truck and Standard Auto Accidents Have Legal Differences

An important thing to consider is that accidents with large trucks have several aspects that differentiate them from standard auto collisions. Because of the sheer size and weight of these trucks, drivers have to receive specialized training to operate them. This means that they have additional safety responsibilities on the road due to the potential damage their vehicles can cause. And, if a truck driver doesn’t have a CDL license or the license is expired, the driver’s employer may share liability for the accident as well. That is another key difference between truck and standard auto accidents. Depending on the circumstances, multiple parties may be responsible.

For these reasons, it can be a huge benefit to have trusted truck wreck lawyers in Baton Rouge on your side. Because the attorneys at WCW have years of experience working on these cases, they know which questions to ask, including:

  • Did the driver take their mandated break periods while hauling a load?
  • Was the cargo properly loaded?
  • Was the truck maintained properly?
  • Had the driver previously been cited by the National Transportation Safety Administration (NTSA)?
  • Was the driver properly trained?
  • Had the driver failed employer-required drug and alcohol testing after the accident?
  • Were Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards violated?

The answers to these questions can be found during discovery. And they may have a considerable impact on a case. WCW can implement effective legal strategies to help victims of large truck accidents pursue their claims. And this can include going to trial. We understand the pain and loss that victims of these accidents experience. And we are ready to fight for you.

Looking for Truck Wreck Lawyers in Baton Rouge?

If you’ve been the victim of a collision with a large truck in Baton Rouge, it’s time to consider scheduling a consultation with WCW. This meeting is completely free and confidential, and we can discuss the details of your case to see how our services could help you. Call us at 225-383-4010 or contact us online. Trust WCW to take care of your legal needs.

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