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Hire a car accident lawyer in Baton Rouge!

Single Automobile Accident? Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Baton Rouge!

When it comes to car crashes, not all of them involve another vehicle. Single automobile accidents often happen here in Baton Rouge. But the thing is, sometimes the driver isn’t responsible for 100 percent of the blame. Another business, person, or even government entity may be the culprit. Following a single-car accident, you might be quick to assume you’ll be deemed entirely at fault. Don’t assume that so quickly. The cause of “fault” handled from a legal perspective can be pretty complex. Trust the right car accident lawyer to help you in Baton Rouge.

Examples of Single-Car Accident Situations You Might Find Yourself In

  • You are driving through Baton Rouge. Suddenly, you realize that the pothole you’re approaching is deeper and wider than it initially appeared. You attempt to go around the hole, but there is not enough time, and your tire hits the pothole, causing the car to lose control and roll over. By a miracle, you’re able to walk away from your now totaled car. 
  • One bright and sunny Sunday afternoon, you drive down I-10 when you find yourself traveling behind a loading truck. The truck is carrying scrap metal. Before you have a chance to switch lanes, the truck hits a bump, and several pieces of metal fall off. It happens so fast that you cannot avoid it, and the impact causes you to hit a guardrail.
  • You drive downtown obeying the low speed limit because it’s summer, and many people are outside. Suddenly, someone runs across a section of the street that doesn’t have a crosswalk or light. Due to this sudden and unexpected action, you’re unable to stop in time, and you jerk the wheel to one side and end up hitting a telephone pole.

Who Is at Fault?

In these scenarios, if you accepted all of the blame, you would likely face significant financial loss, including automobile repairs, a new vehicle, an increase to your insurance, medical bills, and any additional losses.

In the first instance, if the city has received multiple complaints about the pothole or known about previous accidents due to their negligence yet still didn’t take steps to repair it, you may have a case. Our attorneys’ argument could be that the city is responsible for your damages and should cover them as the court deems appropriate.

There might be multiple responsible parties in the second example, including the driver and the company who loaded the truck. Our car accident lawyer could argue that the driver failed to secure the load or that the loading company may have failed to correctly instruct the driver on transportation safety requirements. 

In the third example, the pedestrian crossing the street could be held accountable for your accident. It might be challenging to track down the pedestrian who caused your crash, but thanks to street cameras, it’s not impossible. 

Can We Help?

Despite you being the only driver involved, we can assist you in obtaining medical treatment and financial relief. Our experienced car accident lawyers focus on getting results for our clients. Contact us today at 225-383-4020 or sign up for a free, confidential consultation on our site now. Find the right car accident lawyer with WCW.

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