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Reliable Workers’ Compensation Law Firm In Baton Rouge

Suffering from an injury is hard enough. But it’s even harder when your employer refuses your workers’ compensation. How do you react in these situations? You need a reliable workers’ compensation law firm in Baton Rouge! Navigating the floodwaters of workers’ compensation cases is nearly impossible on your own. Also, the law can be confusing to the untrained eye. It’s important to be aware of your rights so no one walks all over you. Find what you need at WFCW Lawyers.

The Honest Truth

Workers’ compensation is easily misunderstood. This confusion makes it even more important to know your rights. If your work is labor-intensive, you could be more at risk of suffering an injury. The truth about workers’ compensation law is that an injury or illness is covered. This is regardless of fault as long as it happened on the job while the company employed the employee.

Specifically, these benefits include:

  • A doctor in the workers’ compensation network manages all medical care.
  • Income benefits, such as lifetime, temporary, impairment, and supplemental income benefits. These will replace part of the wages lost due to the injury.
  • Death and burial costs. These cover a part of lost family income and some portion of the funeral expenses.

It’s important to be aware of these rights no matter the status of your injuries. Accidents can happen in an instant, and your employer might try to take advantage. Stay aware of your rights for your—and your family’s—sake.

When You Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

There’s only one major reason why you would need a workers’ compensation lawyer: you simply weren’t given what you deserve. But this reason can be lead by several other reasons. Specifically:

  • Your medical benefits we denied in any way. This can include being mistreated or neglected in your care, or needing long-term care or more than one surgery.
  • You were unable to return to your or any job on a permanent basis.
  • Your employer became hostile because they challenged your claim or court ruling.
  • Your relationship with your employer became adversarial in the workplace.

Challenging these issues in court can be a difficult process. So, never do it on your own! Contacting a workers’ compensation law firm in Baton Rouge will get you what you need.

Contact A Workers’ Compensation Law Firm In Baton Rouge

Accidents happen, and some of them can be truly life-changing. You can find our offices at 955 Mc Clung Street in Baton Rouge, so make sure to give us a visit. We also offer a virtual tour for those who would like to take a sneak peek.

To get in touch with us beforehand, please call us at 225-383-4010 or email us at If you happen to be in need of immediate help, use our online form for a free consultation. Contact WFCW Lawyers for a reliable workers’ compensation law firm in Baton Rouge. Get the peace you deserve.

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