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The Complex World of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation coverage is designed to protect employers from the liability they incur from workplace accidents. The coverage provides a way to give injured employees wages and medical benefits while they recuperate from workplace injuries.

The Complex World

Under workers’ compensation law, an injury or illness is covered regardless of fault as long as it happened while the company employed the employee and at their job. Once a worker accepts workers’ compensation, they are no longer able to file a lawsuit against their employer for the workplace accident.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation benefits for workplace injuries include:

  • Medical benefits that cover all medical care from a participating doctor in the workers’ compensation network;
  • Income benefits, which replace part of the wages lost due to the injury, including lifetime income benefits, temporary income benefits, impairment income benefits and supplemental income benefits; and
  • Death and Burial Benefits, which are intended to replace a part of lost family income for eligible family members as well as burial benefits for covering some portion of the funeral expenses.

While the ability to file a workers’ compensation claims can be very beneficial to an injured worker who was the victim of an unsafe or unhealthy work environment, the process of filing these claims and collecting the benefits can be complicated. Additionally, there are some cases where a third party, other than the employer, like an independent contractor or manufacturer of defective equipment that was fully or partially responsible for the workplace accident that caused the employee’s injuries.  When this happens, the injured employee can then pursue a claim against the third party independent of collecting the workers’ compensation.

Workers Comp Attorneys: WFCW

If you have been injured on the job and need direction on how to take the next step to receiving workers’ compensation or file a claim against a third party who was partially or entirely responsible for the injuries, it’s time to contact an industrial injury attorney who can put their knowledge and experience to work for you. This assistance involves investigating your accident and determining the third party’s involvement and fault.  Contact us today for a free consultation related to your workplace injury.

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