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Curious about what are the best qualities of a good lawyer? Find out with WFCW.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Lawyer?

In general, the public perception of lawyers is one of reverence and respect in regard to their field of work. No one wants to hire an inexperienced attorney who is bad at their job. Although many lawyers work to settle cases outside the courtroom, most people want someone with a successful track record. There are many ways to measure success in the legal field. Most successful lawyers tend to exhibit a constant set of qualities and skills

Qualities Of A Good Lawyer

Lawyers have a skill set they develop throughout their entire career. Like fire hardens steel, experience refines the skills that make an attorney great. Not to say newer lawyers are deficient or lacking. But what skills make a high-quality lawyer? Our experts at WCW have a list for you of some of the traits we value most. 

Communication Skills

Lawyers need to be able to articulate words and thoughts in an accurate and efficient manner. They have to communicate these thoughts to others with the same level of precision. The ability to communicate with a wide variety of people is one of the most important skills a lawyer has. Since the majority of a lawyer’s work is collaborative—communication skills are key for everyday work.

Analytical Skills

Law practice involves reading and processing a large volume of information. Misinterpreting ideas presented in litigation is a pitfall many lawyers have to overcome. The subjective nature of litigation language makes analytical skills a must as well. Analytical skills help a lawyer process information and transform it into meaningful ideas in and outside the courtroom. 

Intrapersonal Skills

Exceptional interpersonal skills in the field of law are a must. Lawyers spend a lot of time communicating with judges, other attorneys, and clients. Additionally, a large part of a lawyer’s job is creating compelling arguments to persuade a judge or jury. Exhibiting a lack of interpersonal skills is a nail in the coffin for a lawyer’s career.

The ability to work as a part of a team falls into the category as well. A good lawyer often has a team behind them for support. As a part in a larger office, the lawyer has better resources and manpower to help their client with their case. Staff members can help with research, paperwork, and other administrative tasks. Being able to efficiently communicate and work with your team ensures the lawyer focuses on the work that matters most. 

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