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Preparing To Meet Your Car Accident Lawyer | Baton Rouge

Preparing to Meet Your Car Accident Lawyer | Baton Rouge

After you get into a car accident, you may hire a car accident lawyer in Baton Rouge but feel uncertain about what the first consultation will look like. The fallout from a car accident is stressful, but feeling prepared during your response may provide you some peace of mind. A good way to prepare for a successful first meeting with your Baton Rouge car accident lawyer is to follow these preparation tips. 

Write a Personal Account

While it may be difficult mentally revisiting the car accident, you are one of the most important witnesses who can testify. It is best to write down everything about the accident you can remember. After all, the length of the case is hard to estimate early on, and time may fade your memory. Information like the weather, date and time, and road conditions should be included. The littlest details can be important, even if they seem irrelevant. So, take some time and find a place where you can be alone with your thoughts and write everything down. Mentally preparing to answer your lawyer’s question about the accident may also be a good idea if the memory is particularly difficult. You can also bring a loved one to the meeting for moral support.

Collect Relevant Pictures and Videos

You need evidence to create a strong case. Any pictures or videos you have from the scene of the accident or of the damages to your automobile should be provided to your lawyer. Bruises and scars can fade before the conclusion of your case. So, it is also a good idea to take pictures of any visible injuries you have as soon as possible.  Many professionals also recommend documenting the stages of healing with pictures.

Share Information Exchanged at the Scene of the Accident 

Typically, involved parties share information like names and phone numbers after a  car accident. If you have this information, make sure you share it with your lawyer. 

Obtain a Police Report 

Police are typically called to the scene of car accidents to draft a report of the accident from an unbiased perspective. This report is a crucial part of building a strong case as it includes information such as the officer’s first impression of the situation, diagrams of the cars, and more. If you do not have a copy of the report, your lawyer can get one for you. 

Calculation of Your Losses 

Determining your estimated losses is a crucial component to building your case. This can include car repair estimates, or future- and past-related medical expenses. If the accident prevented you from work, calculate those estimated losses as well. 

Organize Relevant Documentation 

  • Insurance Policy: If you have an automobile insurance policy, your lawyer will want to have a copy of it. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. Your lawyer can obtain one. Similarly, it is good to have documentation of the payment history of your policy premium. 
  • Medical Records: This is to prove your injuries. Besides having a professional confirm your injury, it aids in getting the help you need for your medical situation. Records can include names of all the hospitals, clinics, and offices that have treated you. They can also include diagnoses and treatments, medical bills, and doctors’ notes. 
  • Any Related Tickets: If you were given a ticket at the scene of the accident, inform your lawyer and show them a copy of the citation. 

Most of All, Don’t Worry

This all being said, a talented lawyer wants to help you. This advice isn’t mandatory, but it can aid in helping you handle the aftermath of a car accident more efficiently. By preparing the information earlier, your lawyer can start this process with a strong foundation and a clear understanding of the situation right away. The more evidence, the stronger the case. 

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