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How Serious Is My Burn?

How Serious Is My Burn?

Often, we see many people get hurt without taking their case to court, simply because they believe it’s “not big enough.” But, what if it actually WAS? People get burns every day from rather simple things. Perhaps it’s because of those small stove burns that we think little of much larger injuries. Instead of just letting it be, find how severe your burn is and get help from a personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge.

Identifying Burns With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Baton Rouge

The first step to knowing how serious your case is is by identifying what kind of burn you have. But to the unknowing, this can be a difficult feat. Let’s discuss how burns are classified and if you can take it to court. 

  • The least severe type of burn is a first-degree burn. These injuries only affect the outer layer of skin and are mostly superficial. For example, a sunburn is a first-degree burn. However, just because these injuries are rather “low-key,” that doesn’t mean you can’t take action. Talk to a professional personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge to see what we can do for you.
  • Second-degree burns are more serious and affect the lower layer of the skin. These appear as painful, red blisters can take weeks to recover. But even when they do heal, there’s the possibility of scarring. While scarring is seen as nothing to some, other scars can be pretty life-changing. These injuries are often due to fires and scalding water. Ask your lawyer to see what we can do.
  • The most severe burns seen are third-degree burns. These go even farther and affect deeper tissues, destroying multiple layers of skin. Scarring is very easy for these injuries, and the wounds themselves appear as red, white, or black burns. Often, nerve endings are also destroyed and the individual can suffer from permanent numbness or nerve damage. These types of burns should definitely be considered for a court case.
  • The less reported burn types are fourth, fifth, and six-degree burns. However, these burns are so severe that they often lead to loss of body parts or even death. In these cases, there’s no doubt that you should bring your case to court.
What Causes Burns?

Burns have many causes, which is why they present themselves in a multitude of ways. Burn injuries are usually caused by:

  • Dry heat, such as an open flame.
  • Scalding brought on by boiling liquid or steam.
  • Electrical currents in open wires and other devices.
  • Heated objects.
  • The sun.
  • Chemical burns from strong acids or bases. 
  • And radiation burns from x-rays.
Get Help You Deserve From A Personal Injury Lawyer In Baton Rouge

If you have a burn, come talk to a personal injury lawyer of ours in Baton Rouge. You never know if you could have a case on your hands or not. So, let’s sit down and talk about it. Call us, send an email, or fill out our online form for a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation. We’re always ready to extend a hand to those in need.

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