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louisiana industrial accidents lawyer

Industrial Accidents Are Common in Louisiana

Across the United States, approximately four million people are injured in a variety of workplace and industrial accidents every year. In Louisiana, because of the nature of the economy, there are many kinds of specific industrial accidents that occur on a regular basis.

Louisiana Industrial Accidents

Among these, due to heavy involvement in the oil and refinery industry, accidents at processing facilities are numerous. Crude oil is refined by a heating process, and defective equipment as well as unseen wear, tear, corrosion and chemical spills can be contributing factors to plant accidents.

The chemicals and products that are manufactured are highly flammable and many of these accidents result in devastating fires and explosions that can cause significant injuries and multiple losses of life.

Protection For Workers

While workers that are hurt on the job are protected by state workers’ compensation laws, these laws only go so far in ensuring that workers receive the financial compensation they are entitled to. In many instances, workers are injured due to the negligence of their employers, either through lack of safety precautions, human error, or the use of defective or substandard equipment and working conditions.

Workers vs. Corporations

Many times, these industrial accidents pit workers against corporations and powerful insurance companies whose job is to shield the company’s bottom line. That’s why it is crucial to hire an experienced industrial accident attorney if you’ve been injured in a Louisiana workplace.

Filing A Lawsuit Against An Employer For Industrial Accidents

Filing a lawsuit against an employer is extensive and complicated, it requires an understanding of state laws. There needs to be a detailed investigation and a case needs to be built to prove that the employer, or subcontractors, or other parties were negligent in exercising a reasonable amount of safety in protecting a worker. Once a strategy is in place, then the attorney must be able to negotiate effectively with an opposing insurance company or an employer, using sound judgment to decide if a case is better off being settled or is worthy of going the full distance to trial. Williamson Fontenot Campbell & Whittington, LLC is proud to work on industrial accident lawsuits and cases in Baton Rouge and the surrounding communities of Louisiana.

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