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louisiana industrial accidents lawyer

Industrial Accidents Are Common in Louisiana

Each year, around four million Americans are hurt in workplace and industrial accidents. Louisiana’s economy is largely based on physical and demanding work. Because of the nature of our economy, many industrial accidents can occur on a regular basis. No one ever thinks they’ll become victim to a situation like this. But if the moment arises, you need to find the right lawyer to back you up. Find the right attorney when you contact WFCW lawyers.

Louisiana Industrial Accidents

Accidents at processing facilities can be dangerous. This is because of the heavy involvement in the oil and refinery industry. Crude oil, defective, unseen wear, tear, corrosion, and chemical spills are the biggest factors.

The chemicals and products manufactured are highly flammable. This danger can result in devastating fires and explosions, leading to significant injuries and losses of life. But working in these conditions doesn’t mean you should go without support. 

Protection For Workers

Injuries on the job mean you’re under protection by workers’ compensation laws. These state laws ensure that you receive financial compensation for lost wages and bills. But often, this isn’t enough.

In many instances, workers become hurt due to the negligence of their employers. Usually, this is either through a lack of safety measures, human error, faulty equipment, or poor working conditions. However, medical bills are usually the least of the problems. If the victim was the sole source of income or found the injury traumatic, their family also suffers. Have you been caught in one of these situations? Then you need a professional who can wade these waters. The next big step is getting yourself a lawyer who knows their stuff.

Workers vs. Corporations

These accidents pit employees against employers and their insurance companies. Remember, it’s the insurance company’s job is to shield the company’s interests. That’s why it is crucial to hire an industrial accident attorney if you’re injured in the workplace.

Filing A Lawsuit Against An Employer For Industrial Accidents

To get more than the minimum, you’ll have to file a lawsuit against your employer. Filing this lawsuit is extensive since it requires an understanding of state laws. There needs to be a detailed investigation and a case needs to be built. This case needs to prove the superiors were negligent in protecting a worker’s safety. 

Once there’s a strategy, the attorney negotiates with the opposing insurance company or employer. This is done by using solid judgment to decide if a case is better off settled or is worthy of going to trial. We are proud to work on industrial accident lawsuits and cases in Baton Rouge. These cases deserve the best minds working on them.

Let Us Help After Any Industrial Accidents

Contact WFCW today and get what you really deserve. Industrial accidents are nothing to sneeze at, so why should you just accept it?

Call our office at (225) 383-4010 or email us at Additionally, you can fill out our form for a free and confidential consultation. Don’t worry about any fees upfront, we only collect when you win your case. Get your life back on track with WFCW.

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