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electrocution attorney in baton rouge

Electrocution Accidents Can Have Long-Term, Devastating Impact

The Danger of Electrocution Injuries

The danger of an electrocution injury or death is all around us. We use electricity in so many ways that the potential always exists for a tragic mishap that could happen as a result of a defective product or coming into contact with electrical wires and transmission gear. There could even be an electrical issue leading to other equally catastrophic events such as a fire or an explosion. Electrocution accidents also remain a major cause of death in the construction industry.

Despite stringent safety regulations, code violations and negligence are still the cause of many electrocution injuries and deaths. And when these events take place, the injuries are severe. Electric shock can badly burn skin and muscle tissue and damage the nervous system.

Hire An Electrocution Attorney in Baton Rouge

In electrocution cases, an attorney will need to focus on negligence laws, product liability, premises liability and worker’s compensation to help their clients receive settlements that are due to them. While worker’s compensation covers medical and funeral expenses, it does not cover any punitive damages or compensation for lost wages. Depending on the circumstances of a case, some or all of these factors may come into play.

Because each electrocution case carries unique circumstances with it, a considerable part of an attorney’s job will be in deciding how best to proceed. Not only will the attorney need to prove negligence or the source of the liability, but they will also need to do considerable work to determine an appropriate settlement amount for medical costs, rehabilitation expenses, long-term care and loss of income. Also, the type of benefits that will be needed in the case of permanent disability and a monetary amount for pain and suffering.

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