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drunk driver accident attorney in baton rouge, wfcw

How A Drunk Driver Accident Attorney Can Help You

Drunk driving accidents are all too common. According to the CDC, in Louisiana alone, hundreds of people die each year, with more than 3000 dying from drunk driving accidents between 2003 – 2012. There are many other accidents, though, that cause significant injuries but no deaths. If you have been in an accident caused by someone’s lack of sobriety, then you need to contact a drunk driver accident attorney in Baton Rouge.

How A Drink Driver Accident Attorney Can Help

A drunk driver accident attorney in Baton Rouge can go to bat for you and get you the compensation you deserve. Obviously money cannot undo what has happened to you, but you might be able to get compensation to cover medical bills or relief stress or anguish.

A Local Perspective

Hiring a local attorney means that you get local insights. They know the other lawyers and law firms in the area as well as having experience with the judges. That sort of edge is absolutely worth paying attention to when it comes to a drunk driver accident lawsuit.

Accurate & Fair Representation

Yes, you can hire the first attorney you come across. Or an attorney suggested by your co-worker’s sister’s friend…but what assurances do you have that you will receive the best representation in this important case?

Courtroom Experience

You do not want to walk into one of these cases with a greenhorn. You want an attorney who knows what they are doing, who have significant experience in the courtroom and knows how to maneuver and why. The last thing you would want is to wonder whether your attorney knows what he’s doing. With Williamson, Fontenot, Campbell, & Whittington, that’s never a concern.

Specialized Knowledge

WFCW brings to the table a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience regarding drunk driver accident lawsuits and cases. This is because the experienced drunk driver accident attorneys at Williamson, Fontenot, Campbell, and Whittington have tried cases like this before. They have developed a reputation of being responsive with clients. Additionally, they are well-informed on the law and accomplished in the courtroom.

Contact WFCW

If you have been injured in a drunk driver accident in Baton Rouge, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer questions for you in order to ascertain whether you have a case worth pursuing. It is a traumatic thing, being through a car wreck caused by someone else’s drunkenness, and we will work with you to ensure you get compensated fairly and quickly.

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