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Pedestrians Are Afforded Many Protections in Louisiana

Pedestrians Have Legal Rights in Louisiana

Residents and visitors to Baton Rouge are fortunate that the state of Louisiana has put in place several laws to protect the safety of pedestrians. Any Baton Rouge car accident attorney can tell you that pedestrians have numerous legal protections.

That’s because, when an accident takes place between a car and a pedestrian, severe injuries or even death can be the outcome in just about any situation. In fact, nationwide, pedestrian deaths account for about 14% of all vehicle accidents. The danger is real, and the frequency at which the accidents take place is a cause for concern as well.

Car Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge: Drivers Should Use Caution

As a result, Louisiana has laws on the books to ensure that drivers exercise due caution when it comes to interacting with pedestrians. Failure to follow these laws can bring a strong response from the attorney representing a person who has suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident.

Louisiana laws specifically state that a driver must avoid hitting a pedestrian on any roadway as much as possible. Drivers are expected to use their horn and take evasive action in all instances and to be extra vigilant in looking out for children, or mentally challenged individuals while driving.

Car Accidents Happen, How Should Pedestrians Respond?

Despite these laws, accidents between pedestrians and drivers happen all the time. When a person is struck by a vehicle, many times they are entitled to seek compensation for their injuries. In cases where a pedestrian is killed, heirs can also pursue a legal action as well.

Contact A Baton Rouge Car Accident Attorney

In all cases, accidents involving pedestrians tend to be emotionally charged affairs due to the likelihood of injuries being part of the equation. That’s why it’s important to retain an attorney as soon as possible. With an attorney on board, an accident victim can focus on regaining their health while the attorney can remove the emotional component and focus on the facts of the case at hand. This ensures that their client can get the best possible settlement to which they are entitled.

Williamson Fontenot Campbell & Whittington, LLC is a Baton Rouge car accident attorney which proudly serves Baton Rouge and nearby Louisiana communities.

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