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When you're hurt at work, get the right workers compensation attorney in Baton Rouge at WFCW.

Dedicated Workers’ Compensation Attorney In Baton Rouge

Within a given month, on average 380,000 Americans are hurt in work-related accidents. Because of the nature of Louisiana’s economy, many jobs within Baton Rouge involve manual labor, which makes many local operators susceptible to injury. The last thing anyone wants to think about is being a victim, but if the unfortunate day arises you need to be prepared. Make sure to contact a Baton Rouge workers compensation firm like WFCW. We’ll do the heavy lifting when you can’t! 

Steps To Take If You Are Injured At Work

It can be hard to know what to do next after one of these accidents. In the event you suffer a work-related injury, remember these three steps when pursuing workers’ compensation: 

  1. Report the accident and injury to your employer;
  2. Have a doctor determine the extent of the injury and begin treatment;
  3. Contact a law firm that specializes in workers’ compensation cases.

Once you’ve taken these steps, you have the peace of mind and protection in this time of need. 

Consequently, hurt employees often do not receive all of the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve. Sometimes employers even attempt to block injured workers from receiving any of their benefits at all. So if you are harmed at work, there are three things that you should never do:

  1. Never give a recorded or written statement without speaking to a workers’ compensation attorney; 
  2. Do not ever sign documents provided by your employer or their insurance company before speaking with a workers compensation attorney; 
  3. Don’t quit your job after suffering a work-related injury. 

So, if tragedy strikes within the workplace make sure to remember the steps to take. These steps will help you get through your claim and getting you back on your feet. 

What Does A Workers’ Compensation Claim Cover?

Worried about making a living while you’re down for the count? Don’t worry, this is a normal fear. However, workers’ compensation benefits generally cover medical expenses for treatment after the accident and a percentage of wages to cover time missed from work. If you are injured on the job, ensure you have an attorney that is watching your back. 

Why It’s Important To Get An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney In Baton Rouge

Many do not realize that workers’ compensation claims involve many special laws and separate courts. Employees hurt at work could be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits from their employer or their employer’s insurance company. Although it is important to choose a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to assist you when filing a claim. Our lawyers at WFCW have extensive experience fighting for workers’ compensation rights in Baton Rouge. In fact, two of our attorneys have been recognized as rising stars within the field! 

Contact An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney In Baton Rouge 

Accidents often happen at work. If the day comes that you need to exercise your workers’ compensation rights then get in touch with WFCW by filling out a form for a free consultation! On the other hand, you can reach our team by calling us at 225-383-4114 or by emailing us at And don’t worry about the cost. We don’t accept any fees until we win your case.  Get the compensation you deserve with the lawyers you can trust.

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