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Find out when the best time is to call in a Baton Rouge slip & fall lawyer.

When Should You Contact A Slip & Fall Lawyer?

There are some types of injury cases that do not require a lawyer. For example, worker’s compensation cases and lesser car accident cases might not need a lawyer because damages are paid through an insurance firm and the fault is often easy to place. But if your injuries are substantial by any degree, you should look for a lawyer quickly—especially if the liability for the incident is questionable. 

But placing the liability isn’t always as cut and dry in slip and fall cases. In fact, most insurance companies do not even acknowledge your case if you do not have legal representation. Because without a lawyer, the majority of slip and fall cases don’t get seen or heard by the court. You can’t settle a personal injury case without having a line of communication open with the defendant or with the insurer. Get help the help you need from a professional Baton Rouge slip & fall lawyer!

Proving Liability With A Baton Rouge Slip & Fall Lawyer

In order to have a valid case, you and your lawyer are going to have to prove liability. Meaning you have to prove that without the uncertainty of a doubt, the defendant was negligent in some way and that negligence directly led to your injury. 

The first thing your lawyer will do is confirm with you the situation regarding your injuries. Slips and falls happen very quickly, so it’s easy to forget details about what actually happened. Creating a sequence of events that led up to your injury is of the utmost importance, even if you have a hard time recalling. 

Let’s make a quick example. Say you’re at the grocery store and you’re pushing your buggy with one hand and looking down at your grocery list with the other hand. You slip and fall on isle four because you said the floor was still wet from being mopped. But what happened leading up to your fall?

Was there a wet floor sign out? What kind of shoes were you wearing? Did you trip on anything or did you just slip? Where were you looking when you fell to the ground? Is there security cam footage? All of these facts play a role in proving if the defendant was negligent in your injury case. But these questions only answer the question of how you fell. After gathering all the facts, it’s now the lawyers’ job to figure out how to hold the defendant legally responsible for any injuries. For instance, the owner of a grocery store isn’t responsible for your fall if you blatantly ignored the wet floor signage because you were looking at your phone or list. Establishing a line of events that clearly show the defendants’ negligence is crucial to your case. That’s why it’s important to hire representation immediately after an injury. Call WCW today!

WCW Representation

When your case needs to be heard, make sure to contact the best slip & fall lawyers in Baton Rouge! We immediately set you up with an in-office consultation with one of our experienced lawyers when you get in touch with us. We receive no fee unless we win or settle your case so contact today for a free and confidential consultation. Reach us at 225-383-4010 or visit our office at 955 Mc Clung Street. Let’s work together on your case!

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