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Why You Need A Baton Rouge Law Firm

Baton Rouge’s History in the Field

The history of law in Baton Rouge goes back many years. Afterall, Baton Rouge has been the epicenter of law-making in Louisiana for a few centuries now. The ninth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Edward Douglass White, was from Louisiana and is considered one of the most influential early justices.  It was not only for US Law but also for Louisiana Law because he served on the state’s supreme court as well. So, this area has always been instrumental in the law-making process.

It is tempting to think that you need to hire a high powered law firm from some other city when you’re in a truck accident, have a slip and fall incident, or are wrongfully terminated. However, the fact is that hiring a Baton Rouge law firm has distinct advantages. 

The Advantage of this Venue

Your case, assuming it happened here, will be tried here. That means the venue is local, the judge is local, and the players are all local. So, why would you want an attorney who, while skilled, is from out of town? Hiring a Baton Rouge law firm like WFCW means getting access to localized knowledge. They’ll know the dos and don’ts that this judge sets in his courtroom, and they’ll know the tactics that the opposition resorts to. 

If you’re waging a war, you want someone who knows the terrain. Certainly, a court of law is not a battleground, but the metaphor works. You need someone at your side who knows the landscape. 

The Convenience of Local

In our digital world, it’s easy enough to place a call to any other city, or even to do a facetime, zoom, google meet—whatever virtual “meeting” you prefer. However, you cannot sit in the office of an attorney based in New York City. You cannot meet the staff that helps an attorney based out of Seattle. Not without incurring significant expense. 

If it is important to you to sit down and have someone explain something to you. To evaluate the professionalism of someone in person. To meet the surrounding staff and ensure the operation is worth the expense—then you may want to pursue hiring a local law firm.

WCW Is Your Choice Baton Rouge Law Firm

Williamson Campbell & Whittington has a team of local, experienced, capable attorneys with a track record of proven results. We have a team of attorneys who are used to not only filing paperwork, but actually arguing trials—a claim not every firm can make.

If you want to explore hiring a Baton Rouge law firm to handle your case, regardless of what kind of case, give us a call or fill out our form. It’s no obligation—but we can talk and see if we’re the right fit for your needs. 

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