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3 Baton Rouge Auto Accident Attorney Red Flags to Avoid

3 Baton Rouge Auto Accident Attorney Red Flags to Avoid

The aftermath of an auto accident can be extremely overwhelming without the unnecessary stress of accidentally hiring a bad legal aide. For those who are not familiar with red flags to avoid, warning signs may go unnoticed until it’s caused issues. You deserve a legal team that will help you manage the fallout from your auto accident. Learn about these three Baton Rouge auto accident attorney red flags to avoid when hiring your legal team with Williamson Campbell & Whittington (WCW)

1. Most Baton Rouge Auto Accident Attorneys Offer Free Consultations

One red flag to look out for is an absence of a free initial consultation. While it may not be a red flag on its own, it is a good warning sign to watch out for at the start of your relationship with a Baton Rouge auto accident attorney. This could be a precursor to an attorney who is more focused on their financial gain than your justice. While it is what they do for a living, an excellent attorney will fight for your justice because they believe it is what you deserve. Instead, some purely fight for what they can gain from your circumstances. 

2. They Lack Compassion

The fallout of a traumatic event can take an extremely large toll not only on your physical well-being but on your mental well-being as well. During the legal process, the traumatic memories of the event have to be revisited and discussed repeatedly. For many, this topic can be extremely sensitive and inspire painful memories to resurface. Your Baton Rouge auto accident attorney should speak about these topics with a much-needed gentleness while also being ready to defend you should you need it. 

If you are struggling to connect with a standoffish attorney, creating the bond you need between members of a legal team to build a strong case can be jeopardized. At WCW, we help our clients in any way they need to rebuild their lives after the life-changing events of an auto accident. 

3. You Should Be Able to Contact Them Easily

Throughout the case, they should be readily available within a responsible period of contact for questions, concerns, or requests for updates. If you are repeatedly struggling to get into contact with your Baton Rouge auto accident attorney, this could indicate suspicious behavior. They could avoid your calls because of a lack of dedication to your case, an attempt to increase their earnings, or a general disinterest in fighting for the justice you deserve. One important aspect of a strong connection between you and your Baton Rouge auto accident attorney is a habit of open communication. Your attorney’s case is based on the information you give him, and if they are avoiding communication, they could jeopardize the results you want. 

Want a Baton Rouge Auto Accident Attorney You Can Trust? Call Us. 

The lawyers of WCW have earned an array of professional awards and recognition because of our unwavering dedication to our practice. Avoid risking the results you deserve and choose the team you can trust in your corner. If you have questions or would like to schedule your free consultation, please contact us online or call us at 225-383-4010. A member of our staff will help you as soon as possible. 

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