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3 Reasons People Don’t Contact Our Personal Injury Law Firm

In our line of business, we’ve heard it all. But something that bothers us is when we hear of incidents that have come and gone when our personal injury law firm could have done something to help. So why do people choose not to look for help? There may be more reasons than you think, and one may be a reason that you have as well. Discover more and see if we can actually help you when your case.

1: They Think They Have No Case

Depending on who you’re going against, it can be a little worrying, and you may think you have no case to work with. This can be especially true if the other party happens to be a big insurance company or someone like your boss. However, as professionals of our craft, we can often see what makes a case and what doesn’t make a case. So, even if you think you don’t have a case, it is in your best interest to meet with us and discuss what might be the best option for you.

Additionally, something that may seem like a small deal at the end of the day may be something much bigger. When you feel pushed into a corner, it’s very easy to downplay what’s actually going on. For example, say you’re a victim of a dog bite. While it may not feel like a big deal because “it was just one bite,” the bite injured one of your fingers. While you heal from this dog bite, doing day-to-day tasks including your work becomes much more difficult—having an effect on your way of life.

2: They Worry That We’re Too Expensive

One concern is that even if you lose your case, you’ll end up having to owe us thousands of dollars. Thousands of dollars that you do not have. In cases like these, many people feel that they should save their money instead to deal with the present issue. However, at our personal injury law firm, we don’t take any payment unless you win your case. This speaks not only to how confident we are in our skills but that we want what is truly best for you.


3: Insurance Companies Advise Them Not To

While not very common, many people find themselves in a situation where an insurance company tells them that going to a lawyer would be a bad idea. However, the opposite is true. Going to a lawyer may be the only way they could get the money they need to survive whatever situation they’re in now. 

The answer is relatively simple—insurance companies aren’t always on your side. In fact, insurance companies are always looking to save a buck. For many industries, business is the priority. Even when your well-being is the cost of that business. But in our personal injury law firm, your well-being is our priority. It’s just another reason why we don’t make you pay unless you get paid first. 

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