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The Most Important Qualities of a Good Trial Lawyer

Do You Stand A Chance?

Although most legal cases are settled before they ever reach a judge and jury, in those instances when a case does go to trial, a client wants to know that they have a great chance of winning the case.

The best way to win a case that goes to trial depends on several things, but two of the most important are thorough preparation and finding the best possible trial lawyer you can. And that begs the question of what is it that makes for a good trial lawyer.

Qualities A Good Trial Lawyer in Baton Rouge Should Have

In addition to having good trial skills, successful lawyers need certain characteristics. Here are eight more qualities that will serve an attorney well in and out of a courtroom.

  1. Experienced. Just like doctors have specializations, lawyers are experienced in certain areas of law. You wouldn’t go to a dermatologist for a broken leg, right? So make sure your lawyer is familiar the particular type of law your case entails.
  2. A great negotiator. Even when a case has gone to trial, a settlement could still take place. Plea bargains and monetary awards can still be part of the equation at any time. You need a lawyer who can successfully negotiate. Good negotiation could save you thousands of dollars!
  3. Good communicator. Obviously, you need a lawyer who can speak clearly and persuasively. Additionally, excellent communication skills can translate “legalese” into words that you can comprehend. It’s your life, money, and property—you should thoroughly understand what’s going on!
  4. Outstanding writer. Much of what a trial lawyer’s work involves creating clear and concise documents to persuade a judge. A trial lawyer who can convey legal concepts clearly on paper is a big advantage for clients.
  5. Excellent analytical skills. A good trial lawyer can take the facts of a case and pull them apart. They should be able to decode and present the legal concepts and issues that best help your case. You want to be presented in the best possible light, and analytical skills make that happen.
  6. Interpersonal skills. Exceptional interpersonal skills equal a more likable presence in the courtroom. Part of an attorney’s job is persuading a judge and jury. People skills can make the difference between victory and defeat. A good trial lawyer should balance likability with the sometimes-necessary aggressiveness.
  7. Part of a team. A good lawyer is made better by the team behind him. Working with an attorney who is part of a large office means you’ll have more resources working for you. Their staff can help with research, paperwork, and administrative tasks. Your attorney will be able to focus on the work that really matters.
High Quality Trial Lawyers in Baton Rouge

We’re so sure of the qualities of good trial lawyers because we see them in action, week in and week out. Williamson Fontenot Campbell & Whittington (WFCW) is a Baton Rouge law firm. We work with clients in dealing with maritime law, personal injury, vehicle accidents, big truck wrecks, and workers compensation. We’re proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Baton Rouge. If you’re in need of some legal aid, get in touch!  

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