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Dog Bite Attorney in Baton Rouge, Dog Bite Lawyer

Taking the Sting Out of Dog Bites

Dog bites are an ongoing problem throughout the country, happening on a daily basis with numerous cases of dog bites that are as minor as a few nicks to stitches to disfigurement and even death. It is a truly frightening experience that can traumatize someone for a lifetime.

The Danger of Dog Bites

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that an average of 4.7 million people get bitten by a dog every year and almost a half million of these dog bite victims must seek treatment while others have to undergo reconstructive surgery or deal with scars the rest of their life. In 2012, the CDC noted that 27,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery. Nearly half of those that have experienced dog bites and must seek medical attention are children.

Most dog bites occur around the head and neck and can include everything from puncture wounds and cuts to scrapes. Worse though is the fact that these dog bites have resulted in muscle loss and nerve damage as well as blood poisoning and infection. On an emotional level, dog bites can lead to a fear of dogs, embarrassment from the disfigurement, and depression.

Dog Bite Attorney in Baton Rouge

Whatever happens, you need to realize that a dog bite is not your fault. If anything, it is the dog’s owner who is liable and must compensate you for the pain and suffering as well as cover your medical bills. Biting is a learned behavior that can be stopped with proper training. Dog owners can also keep their dogs separated from visitors or away from yards to protect those delivering mail or packages.

As a civil dispute, you can receive compensation for the injuries suffered from dog bites. Look for a compassionate personal injury lawyer who specializes in dog bite cases. Those that specialize in this area have knowledge and experience related to previous cases. This helps them determine your legal rights and the amount of compensation for the psychological, emotional, and physical pain you have suffered from the dog bites. We can take some of the sting out of this traumatic experience. Contact us today for a free consultation related to your dog bites.

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