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Why Work With an Injury Lawyer in Baton Rouge?

Why Work With an Injury Lawyer in Baton Rouge?

Fighting for fair compensation after suffering a personal injury can be an exhausting process. You are responsible for not only gathering documentation and speaking with insurance companies that don’t have your best interest in mind, but you are also recovering from your injuries at the same time. Let a skilled attorney from Williamson Campbell & Whittington (WCW) help take the stress off your shoulders! Learn more about how you can benefit from working with an injury lawyer in Baton Rouge. 

An Injury Lawyer Can Handle Tricky Insurance Companies

Stop and think before you make any fast steps. Speaking with the insurance company of those responsible for your injuries can hurt your settlement. In most circumstances, insurance agencies look for ways to decrease the value of your settlement. They may attempt to do so by pressing for statements, urging you to sign medical releases, or pressuring you into accepting a settlement that is far less than what your case deserves. When this stress is mixed with your efforts to recover from your accident, this situation may feel overwhelming. This is where an injury lawyer from our firm in Baton Rouge can help! Let us handle difficult interactions with insurance adjusters. And while we work with the insurance company, you can take the time you need to recover emotionally and physically from your injuries.

Experienced Attorneys Know How To Gather the Right Evidence

According to Louisiana Civil Code section 3492, victims are allowed to take legal action as long as it is done within one year of the accident. This time begins the day that injury or damage occurs. When you decide to pursue your claim, the right evidence is needed to build and strengthen your case. Aside from your account of the accident, legal documentation and eyewitness accounts are essential to help prove your case to the insurance company. But gathering this evidence can be a grueling and complicated process. Our injury lawyers in Baton Rouge know what evidence you need and can help spearhead the process of contacting all important parties. From speaking with medical staff to interviewing eyewitnesses, we’ll make sure your claim is backed up with valuable evidence.

Our Lawyers Know How Much Your Case is Worth

After being injured in an accident, the guilty party’s insurance company is responsible for settling your claim. After reviewing the details of your case, they will determine the appropriate amount to pay you for the damages done. But unfortunately, insurance agencies will do their best to pay you the least amount possible for your settlement. Don’t let an insurance company diminish the worth of your personal injury case! Work with a professional injury lawyer from WCW to discuss all areas related to your claim, such as your loss of income, disability, disfigurement, medical costs, PTSD, and more. Each of these factors should be counted towards your personal injury claim and maximize the value of your settlement.

Your Lawyer Can Help You Make the Right Decisions

You are faced with many choices and questions as you pursue your personal injury claim. And, this also requires corresponding with several different groups, including the responsible party for your injury, their insurance company, witnesses, authorities, and more. Rather than facing the stress and confusion of these inquiries alone, work together with a personal injury lawyer like our professionals in Baton Rouge. Wrong decisions can put your settlement in jeopardy, or it can draw out the length of time until you receive your compensation. Let us guide you throughout the process and make sure each decision benefits your claim.

Reach Out to An Injury Lawyer in Baton Rouge Today

Suffering an injury can have a major impact on your life. You deserve the right care and compensation! At Williamson Campbell & Whittington, we are well versed in personal injury law. From vehicle accidents to medical malpractice, maritime injuries, and wrongful death, our skilled attorneys can help you value your accident, gather evidence, and pursue the justice and settlement you deserve.

Speaking with an injury lawyer from our practice in Baton Rouge is a stress-free process. Give us a call at 225-383-4010 or send us a message online. Our initial consultation is free and confidential, and we don’t collect fees unless your case is settled. Reach out to us today to get started!

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