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5 Types of Baton Rouge Car Accident Cases

5 Types of Baton Rouge Car Accident Cases

In 2021, a record for the number of deaths on public highways in Louisiana was surpassed for the first time since 2007. Getting into a car accident has become more likely than ever, regardless of how safely you drive. If you are a Baton Rouge resident who has gotten into a car accident, you may wonder what practice area your case may fall under and who can represent your case. These are five kinds of automobile accidents Williamson Campbell & Whittington (WCW) can defend. 

Automobile Accidents

The aftermath of a Baton Rouge car accident can be devastating and leave you with little resources to adapt to your new reality. WCW can help you get back on your feet. We can help you arrange whatever you need to rebuild, like obtaining the funds lost to medical treatment and car repair assistance. If you would like to review your possible automobile accident case, you can schedule a free consultation to decide your next steps. 

Tractor-Trailer and 18-Wheeler Accidents 

The aftermath of tractor-trailer and 18-wheeler accidents is widely different from your standard Baton Rouge car accident, both physically and legally. Our legal team knows the federal and state laws regulating 18-wheelers. For example, The Provisions of The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulate the time limit truckers can drive per day. We understand the complex laws, so you don’t have to stress about it. Trucking companies are known for having some of the best legal teams in the country as their livelihood depends on their clean record. Don’t let them take advantage of you. Hire a legal defense that will fight for you as you deserve! 

Commercial Vehicle Negligence 

Commercial vehicles are highly regulated since large vehicles can cause devastating and deadly accidents. However, this means the lawyers their companies hire are often viciously versed in the regulations to help drivers maintain a spotless record. Those drivers are trained on how to win their case from the moment the accident occurs. Commercial drivers rely on everyday drivers being unsure of how to legally protect themselves. Don’t be left without the right defense! Our team has decades of successful experience dealing with commercial vehicle negligence and can provide you with the help you need. 

Drunk Driving Accidents 

Drunk driving accidents can cause some of the most tragic car results. They can create physical, emotional, and financial damage for you and your loved ones. Louisiana Civil Code article 2315.4 states that if you or a loved one was hurt by a drunk driver, the additional damages are available under Louisiana law. After all the suffering caused by reckless behavior, you deserve legal representation that will compassionately defend you. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Because of the exposed riding style of motorcycles, Baton Rouge car accidents involving motorcycles are often catastrophic or even deadly. The dangers of riding a motorcycle increase when the riders aren’t wearing proper protective gear like helmets. Motorcycle enthusiasts suffer staggering damages in the aftermath of accidents. Unfortunately, motorcycle drivers are often the party found at fault by the investigating officer. This can be due to sound findings, but often the severity of the injuries sustained by the motorcyclist prevents them from delivering their account at the scene or recounting with full clarity at a later date. WCW is experienced in defending motorcycle accidents and will fight for your best interest.  

Been in a Baton Rouge Car Accident? Call Us.

Being in a Baton Rouge car accident can be devastating. And without the proper legal aid, recovering from it can feel like an impossible task. After dealing with the fallout of your accident, you deserve legal aid that will represent and care for your case. If you’d like to schedule your free consultation with WCW, call us today at 225-383-4010 or send us a message online. We want to help you get back on your feet with the defense you deserve. 

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