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baton rouge truck accident lawyer

Choose The Right Baton Rouge Truck Accident Lawyer

Minor fender benders can be scary, but getting into an accident with a large truck or 18-wheeler is overwhelming on many accounts. From the expected pain and expensive repairs to potential loss of wages or medical treatments ahead, these circumstances can really set you back. If you are looking for a Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer, WFCW is here to help bring you back to your feet.  

Your Baton Rouge Truck Accident Lawyer

Williamson, Fontenot, Campbell and Whittington lawyers are prepared to tackle your truck accident concerns. We will help sort through your accident, from the immediate repercussions to finding relief in the end. We understand an accident with a large truck will often result in the need for timely response to many parties as well as possible confusion from your end, but our staff will stand by your side to make certain  

What To Be Aware Of On The Road?

As a safe driver, you have to be cautious of many things while behind the wheel. There a more distractions on the road today than ever before. In terms of cautionary driving alongside large trucks, we recommend some specific things to keep in mind:

  • These large trucks are packed with materials, whether that be gasoline or storage freight. All this extra weight will make this already heavy vehicle even more dense and ultimately slower to stop at high speeds. Don’t expect these trucks to be able to slow down as quickly as your sedan.  
  • Most large trucks do not have full access to see behind the vehicle, making for very large blind spots. Be aware of this unnoticed space when changing lanes or speeding by an 18-wheeler on the interstate.
  • Last but not least, if a truck driver is driving over the speed limit, be careful of passing. They could be speeding for any number of reasons: late for a delivery, tired, or plain neglect. High speeds equate to higher potential for damage in a large truck accident.  
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We can provide you with a Baton Rouge truck accident lawyer to help bring your life back to normal. Don’t let the stress of insurance companies or trucking companies weigh you down. Give us a call at 225-383-4010 or complete this form today.

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