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hire a car accident attorney in baton rouge

The Checklist for Hiring A Car Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge

Car accidents are headaches (figuratively and literally).  You have to deal with the damage to your car, potential injuries, and insurance companies. On top of that, it’s difficult to know if you’re getting everything you’re entitled to from your insurance company. Look for a trusted car accident attorney to help.

It’s Not If, It’s When

Baton Rouge traffic is insane (and often the other drivers seem to be as well). In 2017, the Louisiana’s capital city ranked No. 13 on a list of the U.S. cities with the worst traffic. Every Baton Rouge resident is at a high risk of getting into a car accident every single day. When it happens, you need a car accident attorney to make sure you get everything you deserve.  

Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Attorney

With so much on your mind after a car accident, choosing an attorney can seem overwhelming. To help you out, we’ve prepared a checklist of questions to ask potential lawyers to ensure they’re a good fit.    

“Do you have years of experience?”  

  • You don’t want to be a doctor’s first-ever surgery and you do not want to be a lawyer’s first-ever case. They need to learn, yes, but not on your dime! Trust someone with the most experience to get the job done. You want to make sure you’re getting the most money possible to cover all your expenses.

“Will you handle the paperwork?”

  • Filing insurance claims and getting medical bills paid is a headache. It can feel like a full-time job on its own! Save yourself time with an attorney whose team will handle all of this for you. You just concentrate on getting your life back together.

“Do you specialize in car accident litigation?”

  • Technically, any lawyer could take your case. You may be tempted to go with a friend of a friend or the cheapest option. But if they aren’t well-versed in car accident litigation, they could leave thousands of dollars on the table.

“Do you get paid only when I get paid?”

  • Beware injury attorneys that charge flat fees or rates. They will not be as motivated to settle your case quickly. Your car accident attorney should only get paid when you get paid. This means they won’t waste your time and delay your payout.

“Are you working in my best interest?”

  • Remember, the insurance companies’ interests are the exact opposite of yours. They want to pay you LESS. A good car accident attorney with help you get paid MORE.

An Easy Answer in Baton Rouge

Does this list seem daunting? Williamson Fontenot Campbell and Whittington’s lawyers answer “YES” to every one of these questions. If your accident involves a motorcycle, commercial vehicle, eighteen-wheeler, or drunk driver, we can also help. We have the expertise and will work quickly until the job is done in your best interest.

We understand this is a confusing and difficult situation. Do you have more questions? Are you looking for a second opinion? Contact us or call 225-383-4010. Our five attorneys are here to listen and help you.

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