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Burns Are Among the Most Traumatic Kind of Injuries

While a person can be injured in so many different ways, perhaps one of the most traumatic is a burn injury. Burns are among the most painful, have the longest recovery times (if ever), and leave scarring that is physical, mental and emotional, taking a huge toll on the victim and all of those people close to them. A burn injury attorney can ascertain how this traumatic injury should result in compensation.

Burns Injury Attorney Can Help

When a burn victim is injured through the careless actions of another, an attorney can help a victim recover the financial component of their lives. Burn cases generally involve large sums of money, due to high medical bills, long-term lost wages, extensive therapy and rehabilitation costs and pain and suffering. In addition, many times a victim can never return to their previous lives, and so seeking compensation for the permanent loss of wages and the psychological impact of a permanent change take on extra weight when burn injuries are involved.

Burns Happen For All Kinds of Reasons

About one million people suffer from burn injuries and deaths each year, but not all are directly related to fires. Burns can happen due to exposure to caustic chemicals, defective products, car accidents, explosions, or electrical mishaps.

One of the first things a person considering filing a lawsuit should understand is how burns are classified. This will have a big impact on the amount of recovery time and how much of a pain and suffering settlement a victim might be entitled to.

First degree burns only damage the outer layer of the skin, such as when a person gets a mild sunburn.

A second degree burn damages the outer layer of the skin and part of the second layer as well, causing red, painful blistering.

Third degree burns destroy all layers of skin and cause damage to muscles, bones, tendons and organs. Damage is extensive and permanent.

Contact A Baton Rouge Burn Injury Attorney

Because accidents involving burns tend to be dynamic in nature and evidence can change or degrade quickly it is best to retain an attorney as soon as possible to give you the best chance of earning a full and complete settlement for your injuries. WFCW is a Baton Rouge burn injury attorney which has significant experience in this field and wants to help clients get the compensation they deserve.

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