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Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer: Warning Signs

Warning Signs to Look Out for In a Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer

It can feel simple to spot the signs of a trustworthy personal injury lawyer. Empathy, open communication, a record of success, and more can give you the confidence you need as you pursue a personal injury claim. But do you know the warning signs to look for as you search for a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer? Keep these five signs in mind as you interview attorneys to ensure that you put your trust in the right professional for your case.

1. You Find Communication Difficult

Open and honest communication between you and your Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer is key. You should feel comfortable sharing as much as possible with your attorney. And in return, they should keep you up to date with developments in your case. Does your lawyer act distant, fail to return calls, texts, or emails, or leave you with a feeling of unease after a meeting? You deserve to work with a professional who listens carefully to you and maintains open communication as you pursue your claim.

2. Their Track Record & Reviews Don’t Reflect Success

There is nothing more telling of a lawyer’s success than their case studies and the words of the people they have served. Do these case studies reflect satisfied clients, fair settlements, and passionate representation? Do online reviews of the company speak to the care and compassion clients received while working with the law firm? While a law firm’s track record may not show a win for every case, an impressive list of reviews and case studies should give you confidence in your partnership. 

If you are interested in Williamson Campbell & Whittington’s (WCW) history of success, ask us about previous cases we have settled or research Google reviews to read about the firsthand experience of our past clients.

3. Your Lawyer Is Not Sympathetic to Your Case

To fully develop trust between you and your Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer, you should feel supported during all challenges of pursuing your claim. Your attorney should understand the financial, emotional, and physical stress that your accident has caused. As your focus on healing and emotional recovery from the incident, they should energetically handle the details of your case.  

4. They Don’t Approach Your Case With Enthusiasm

When a lawyer accepts a personal injury client, they should approach the case with the appropriate level of passion and enthusiasm. Their client has gone through pain and suffering, and they have the opportunity to help their client recover the compensation they deserve. Your attorney should also be willing to go all the way for your case, even if that means bringing your claim to trial. However, not all attorneys tackle cases with enthusiasm—and this can make a client feel as though they are not a priority. You should feel that your lawyer is passionate about your claim and ready to do what it takes to help you find justice.

5. They Make Tall Claims

While a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer should be confident in their skills, your attorney should never make false promises. Guaranteeing a successful claim is considered an unethical practice. Your lawyer should be willing to fight for you and support you as you pursue a fair settlement. But if your lawyer makes unfounded promises of success, it would be in your best interest to take your case to a different professional.

Speak With a Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

Williamson Campbell & Whittington is proud to be a law firm that the people of Baton Rouge trust. We approach each case with empathy and patience to make our clients as comfortable as possible. We diligently and passionately pursue your personal injury claim to recover a fair settlement in the shortest time possible.

If you are searching for a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer, we would love to speak with you. Send us a message or call us at 225-383-4010 to get started. Your first consultation with our lawyers is completely free, confidential, and without obligation. Get to know us, share details about your case, and determine if we are the right fit for you. When you are ready to partner with WCW, we will be ready to passionately pursue your case.

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