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A Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer will review the details of your case to help you reach a resolution.

How a Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer Assesses Your Claim

Personal injuries occur daily, and the victims of another’s carelessness have the right to compensation. No matter the scale of the incident, an experienced Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer is essential to navigating various defenses and maximizing your injury settlement. The expert attorneys at Williamson Campbell & Whittington (WCW)  are ready to help you navigate the legal process. Below are factors a personal injury lawyer will assess for the damages of your injury.

Severity of Injury

Following an accident, the extent of your injury plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of your claim. When injuries are severe, they tend to require an extended period of healing and recovery. This often leads to a significant amount of time spent on medical care, resulting in the inability to work and accumulating substantial medical expenses.

The process of recovering and healing from severe injuries can cause enduring pain and suffering, greatly impacting your overall well-being. In situations where permanent damage or disability occurs, the awarded compensation is typically noticeably higher.

Liability and Evidence

The degree of fault can also dramatically influences your settlement. If the sustained injuries are due to the fault or negligence of another party, a victim can pursue legal action. In cases where the defendant is entirely at fault, the compensatory damages will be higher. 

When preparing to meet with your attorney following a personal injury, providing them with as much information as possible is essential. Any pieces of evidence can significantly strengthen your case. So, collecting and recording evidence is vital from police records to photographing injuries as they heal. Be prepared to bring any documentation you can provide to your consultations. 

Loss of Income

In addition to medical expenses, personal injury victims are entitled to receive fair compensation for the loss of income they experience. It is essential to keep detailed records of your medical bills, including any follow-up treatments and travel expenses, as these can significantly strengthen your claim.

When calculating your settlement, it is crucial to consider the loss of earnings resulting from unpaid leave. This includes not only the wages you missed during your recovery but also any missed promotional or bonus opportunities that would have contributed to your income. These financial losses should be taken into account to ensure you receive proper compensation.

Emotional Distress

Personal injuries can cause detrimental emotional trauma. The legal professionals at WCW recognize and acknowledge these invisible injuries’ burden on an individual’s quality of life. If you have suffered emotional distress from your injuries, a personal injury attorney can help you determine the correct steps toward fighting for a fair settlement. Reach out to a Baton Rouge personal injury lawyer in Louisiana as soon as possible to begin filing your claim! You can contact WCW today for a free initial consultation.

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