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3 Reasons to Hire a Baton Rouge Injury Lawyer | WFCW

3 Reasons to Hire a Baton Rouge Injury Lawyer

After suffering a personal injury, you may not immediately realize how dramatically it can affect your life. From lasting injuries to an abundance of expenses, you and your family may face immense difficulties while attempting to recover. Hiring a Baton Rouge injury lawyer can not only help relieve some of this stress but also help to maximize your personal injury claim! Here are three reasons why working with a lawyer from Williamson Campbell & Whittington (WCW) can benefit your claim.

1. A Lawyer Understands the Claims Process

The first step to reaching the settlement you deserve is filing your claim. Why not work with someone who knows the ins and outs of filing as well as the possible challenges you may face along the way? A Baton Rouge injury lawyer can help you appropriately value your claim and ensure that you have the necessary evidence to strengthen your defense. 

And since communication with insurance companies, eyewitnesses, and medical staff can be both overwhelming and difficult, your attorney can take this burden off your plate. Your lawyer from WFCW knows how to skillfully debate and negotiate. And we can fight hard, taking your case to court if needed, to help you get compensation.

2. A Lawyer Can Advise You on the Appropriate Settlement Amount

A lawyer with experience defending personal injury cases recognizes the worth of your claim. A Baton Rouge injury lawyer starts by taking a general look at the overall losses you experienced. This includes car repair expenses, loss of equipment or other belongings, paychecks lost from time off work, and medical expenses while recovering from your injuries. 

But the value of your settlement doesn’t stop there. If you have been left with lasting disabilities or pain, this should be valued in your claim. And if you are a surviving family member of wrongful death, your emotional and financial burdens should also be monetized. Your lawyer can study each facet of your claim to help determine what your settlement amount should be.

3. Legal Representation Can Help Speed Up Your Claim

Louisiana Civil Code Article 3492 allows victims to file a personal injury claim up to one year after an accident. After you file, the process of getting your settlement can feel like it stretches on forever. All of the moving parts from paperwork to speaking with witnesses can take a significant amount of time. With the help of a Baton Rouge injury lawyer, you can cut down on some of the time and stress. 

Since your lawyer knows what is needed to develop a strong claim, they can help you quickly work through filing paperwork. And, your personal injury attorney can help manage communication with eyewitnesses, medical professionals, first responders, and insurance companies. Let an injury lawyer from WCW help expedite your settlement!

Give a Baton Rouge Injury Lawyer a Call Today

The attorneys at WCW are ready to defend your claim. If you have been a victim of a personal injury, reach out to lawyers who put your needs first. Let us help take stress off your shoulders while you recover. With our expertise, we can work to maximize your settlement and reach the payment amount you deserve. 

If you are ready to partner with a Baton Rouge injury lawyer, send us a message or give us a call at 225-383-4010. Your first consultation with us is free of charge, and all information is confidential. Let us learn more about your case to determine how we can help you.

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