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Baton Rouge car accident attorney

Baton Rouge Car Accident Facts

Every Baton Rouge car accident is a little bit different. So many factors can contribute: where it happens, how many cars involved, the type of collision, who’s at fault, etc. But we know that the worst accident is any accident that has happened to you. Accidents can disrupt your life and cause serious injury. Turns out, if you’re a driver in Baton Rouge, your likelihood of being in an accident is pretty high.

Driving in Baton Rouge

Everyone knows how terrible the traffic is in Baton Rouge. There are thousands of cars on the road and hundreds of red lights and intersections. It turns out—Baton Rouge is among the top 100 worst cities for drivers. Many factors contribute to this, but the fact remains that you probably have to drive to get around the city. You need to drive to get to work, school, and the grocery store.

Baton Rouge Car Accident Facts

Through the Baton Rouge Police Department, the city of Baton Rouge gathers extensive data on car accidents in the area. Looking at the numbers, it’s not very encouraging. There are numerous car accidents in Baton Rouge, each and every day. If you’re a driver in the capital city, it seems like that it’s not IF you get into a car accident, it’s WHEN. You can even look at this link to see how many accidents have happened so far today.  

Worst Baton Rouge Roads and Intersections

Over the years, some of the most dangerous Baton Rouge intersections include the below. They’re listed alphabetically and got on this list based on the number of crashes occurring there. Some were also included just because so many Baton Rouge drivers dread crossing them.

  • Airline Highway and Goodwood Boulevard
  • Airline Highway and Old Hammond Highway
  • Bluebonnet Boulevard and Perkins
  • Burbank Drive from Lee Drive to Bluebonnet
  • College Drive and Constitution Avenue
  • Essen Lane and Perkins
  • College Drive and Hooper Road
  • Highland Road between Perkins and Airline
  • I-10 West and College Drive
  • I-10 East and College Drive
  • I-10 and Essen Lane
  • I-10 West and Acadian Street
  • I-12 East and O’Neal Lane
  • I-12 and Millerville Road
  • Nicholson Drive and Brightside Avenue/Lee Drive
  • Perkins Road and Siegen Lane
  • Staring Lane from Highland to Perkins,

Types of Car Accidents

The types of vehicles involved in the crash can impact the legal and insurance ramifications of your accident. If a commercial vehicle or eighteen-wheeler causes your accident, you’ll need to make their employers contribute to your recovery. If a drunk driver hit you, then they need to be held responsible as well.

Baton Rouge Car Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been in one of these car accidents in Baton Rouge, we can help! Our auto accident attorneys in Baton Rouge provide high-quality legal help in a reasonable time-frame. Get the help you need to pay for medical bills, car repairs, and missed time from work. Contact us online or give us a call at 225-383-4010. We’re here to make your life whole again.

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