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product liability lawsuits baton rouge

An Overview of Product Liability Lawsuits

Defective Products & Lawsuits

When you buy any product, you have the right to expect that whether it’s a small appliance, a car, a lawnmower, or any one of thousands of things available to consumers, it will work as advertised. While that’s the case most of the time, in some instances, a product may be defective. And although product liability laws vary by state, a manufacturer or the entity who sells you the product can be held accountable if the product is determined to be unreasonably dangerous and causes harm to its users.

The Three Forms of Defective Products

Generally, a product is considered to be defective in three possible ways.

It can contain a design defect, meaning that the product was configured the wrong way from the outset and that it’s design has created a danger for consumers. An example of this might be hover boards and the batteries that keep exploding in them, causing injuries to users.

A product may have a manufacturing defect. When a product is designed appropriately, but the actual construction or building of the product was executed poorly, that’s a manufacturing defect. An example of this might be airbags or an engine that are poorly installed at a car manufacturing plant.

The third kind of defect is a marketing defect. Product liability can take place even if a product is designed well, is built well, but is then released onto the marketplace with false or misleading claims about how well it works, or how a consumer is supposed to use it. There are several examples of this kind of defect related to prescription drugs and medical devices.

You May Be Entitled To Damages

If any of these three defects exist, you may be entitled to damages by retaining a product liability attorney who can represent your interests in court. You may also become part of a class action lawsuit if it is found that several other people have experienced the same kind of issues and resulting injuries. In all cases, if you suspect a case of product liability, it’s best to consult with an attorney to see if your case has any merit.

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