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It’s All About Accountability In A Slip And Fall Accident Lawsuit

Slip and Fall Accidents Happen More Often Than You Think

Reasons a slip and fall accident lawsuit might be warranted:

• A landlord does not adequately light stairwells or common areas in an apartment building.

• Loose or unstable gravel or dirt makes walking on a person’s property a treacherous situation.

• Wet or icy pavement that has not been adequately cleared, sanded or salted a day or two after a snowstorm.

• An accumulation of debris or trash on a sidewalk or a walkway that creates a tripping hazard for a passerby.

• Plumbing issues or electrical wires that are exposed and may come in contact with a person.

All of these scenarios and countless more can create hazardous conditions for people who live on a property or those who have been invited on to a property by a tenant or the landlord themselves. As a result, a person may slip and fall, or trip and fall, sustaining injuries that could have been prevented.

When Do You Need A Slip and Fall Lawyer?

While some slip and fall accidents are the result of our own inattention and carelessness (i.e., texting and walking), at other times a slip and fall attorney may be able to place blame on someone else. Possibly placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who are responsible for the safety and upkeep of a residence or a commercial property and were negligent in their actions.

Who Is Liable In Slip & Fall Lawsuits?

In most cases, a property owner must take the necessary steps to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. That means, minimizing physical dangers so that when people step onto that propertythey can expect a certain degree of safety.When that doesn’t happen, and an accident takes place, an attorney who proves negligence can sue for damages. They can attempt to recover costs for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other related issues.

Baton Rouge Slip & Fall Lawyers Can Help

The biggest catch and a common defense by property owners is that an attorney must be able to show that the property owner knew the hazard existed and they did not take the necessary steps to fix it. It is difficult to hold a property owner accountable if they did not have prior knowledge that a hazard existed.

Williamson Fontenot Campbell & Whittington, LLC can help you with any slip and fall accident in Baton Rouge or the surrounding communities. If you want to talk to one of our experienced slip and fall attorneys in Baton Rouge, just fill out the form below.


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