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6 Things You Should Know If You Are In A Motorcycle Accident

While many characteristics of a motorcycle accident are the same as being involved in an auto accident, there are certain things that are different or are just good to know if you’re involved in one.

1. If you are involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle, make sure someone documents your injuries by keeping records of medical bills and damage to the motorcycle by taking pictures.

2. Seek out a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible, and do not admit fault or sign any documents from an insurer, so that you can best protect your rights.

3. In Louisiana, you are required to wear a helmet, so make sure that you do at all times. Aside from an increased likelihood of a head injury if you don’t, without a helmet on, you’re breaking the law and could be accused of contributory negligence. Meaning it could impact your right to collect the full amount of the damages you are entitled to.

4. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, also known as “no fault” insurance, is a policy that pays for medical bills and compensates someone for injuries no matter who is at fault. Unfortunately, in most cases,PIP insurance does not cover motorcycles in Louisiana. This tends to complicate recovery and compensation matters for riders.

5. Although no fault insurance is available, Louisiana is a “fault” state, meaning that blame is affixed to one or both of the parties involved in an accident. This increases the importance for an attorney to do a thorough job and have a complete collection of evidence.

6. In Louisiana, once negligence has been established, an attorney can seek compensation for current and future medical bills, any loss of wages from not being able to work, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of consortium if the accident causes a person not to be able to enjoy certain marital pleasures.

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