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personal injury lawyer in baton rouge

4 Reasons To Be Thankful For Baton Rouge Lawyers

There is so much out in the world that we have to worry about. First and foremost, you need to protect yourself and your family. Companies and individuals are often looking to avoid paying you what you deserve. Getting cheated after an accident literally adds insult to injury. Experienced Baton Rouge attorneys can help ensure your job, property, and health.  

Attorney Thankfulness

We all have a lot to lose. That’s why there’s so much to be thankful for. And we’re especially thankful to those who help us keep it. If you’re in Baton Rouge, there are many ways attorneys can aid you and your family. Here are four of the reasons to be thankful for personal injury attorneys in the capital city.


It’s no secret the traffic in Baton Rouge is terrible. Combine this terrible traffic with other drivers texting and not paying attention. The roads are dangerous. If you get into a car accident, you might need help to make sure your insurance pays you all they should. Bills pile up after a crash. Vehicle repairs, medical bills, and missed work all accumulate and can become overwhelming. What good is your insurance if they don’t help you when you need it? Thank goodness attorneys can help get you what you deserve.  

Danger At Work

With all of south Louisiana’s industry, many of our residents work in plants. These workplaces can be especially dangerous. So many precautions are taken to avoid accidents, but unfortunately, they do happen. Falls, equipment malfunctions, or failing backups can all cause injuries. But even if you work in retail, restaurants, or offices, you can still get hurt on the job. Your employer should be responsible for your medical bills. You’ll be grateful for an attorney’s help to hold them accountable through worker’s compensation.  

Medical Accidents

It’s the last thing you want to worry about when you have health issues. But mistakes can happen. Medical malpractice claims are different from other personal injury claims. Experienced attorneys can help guide you through the proper channels. All malpractice claims have to go through the Louisiana Legislative Medical Review Panel. The guidance from dedicated lawyers is something to appreciate.  


Sadly, many employers unfairly discriminate against employees. They can judge because of race, gender, religion, disability, or national origin. They cannot fire you because of any of these reasons. It’s against federal law. If you do lose your job because of prejudice, call employment attorneys. Professionals evaluate your claim and file paperwork by the proper deadlines. Bringing these issues to light might not only help you. It could also prevent employers from discriminating in the future.

Baton Rouge Attorneys

Contact the Baton Rouge Law Firm of Williamson Fontenot Campbell & Whittington, LLC. Our experienced staff knows all about the above areas, and we’re here to assist you with any of these legal needs. Meet our attorneys, and give us a call if you think we can help you. You can reach us online or at 225-383-4010. We’re thankful to be able to assist our fellow Baton Rouge residents in the areas that they need help.

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