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Find the best injury attorney in Baton Rouge at WFCW.

Do I Qualify For An Injury Attorney In Baton Rouge?

Picture this! You’re working at a steel mill and there hasn’t been a serious injury in the mill for a while. However, accidents happen and you receive bad burns on your hands on the job one day. You can still work, but your quality of work has taken a hit and you worry about your job, your family, your house, and more. Also, you’re certain your injury could’ve been prevented by the company, but what’s the point? 

Cuts, burns, broken bones―injuries on the job are no laughing matter! And they happen within the blink of an eye. Just because an injury might seem small, there could be problems down the line. So check in with the professionals when crisis strikes and see if you qualify for an injury attorney in Baton Rouge.

Your Case Matters To Us!

Often, we hear of those who choose to do nothing about their case, even when they have a pretty good chance of winning. And why? They are convinced that their case isn’t serious enough. Even if your injuries are minor, you should still contact a personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge. After all, even small injuries can have serious long term consequences. 

For example, a broken finger can seriously affect your quality of work if your job is physical. You could even lose your job or find it difficult to find another one in a worst-case scenario. So, even an injury that seems small now could have devastating results in your life. Don’t wait for that domino effect. Schedule a free consultation today!

What Types Of Cases Does WFCW Do?

Each lawyer performs in a different kind of law. So, you’ll need a lawyer who knows their stuff depending on where your case falls. For example, at WFCW, we manage various kinds of personal injury cases. Specifically, these six specialties:

  • Vehicle Accidents. Car accidents in Baton Rouge happen every day. If you’re a victim, you need to get what you deserve.
  • Workers’ Compensation. Even a small injury can affect your work for the rest of your life. Finding the right lawyer saves you a lot of grief.
  • Maritime Law. Oil rigs and fishing barges… accidents often happen! Safety should be in place to prevent accidents.
  • Employment Law. These can be tricky. Find someone you can trust at WFCW to handle your discrimination and whistleblower cases.
  • General Liability & Malpractice. When it’s not your fault, you should not be held accountable. 
  • General Personal Injury. When the dog bites, when the beam swings… wait, that’s not how it goes. Either way, when you’ve been bitten by a dog or injured onsite, you need representation. 

If your case falls into one of these categories, don’t delay! Call WFCW today for a personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge and get your life back on track.

Get The Help You Need

Don’t assume you don’t deserve help! Contact WFCW to get an injury attorney in Baton Rouge who will take care of you. To ask us any questions, please fill out our contact form or call us at 225-383-4010. Filling out the form also provides you the right to a free consultation from our professionals. Get your life back on track with WFCW!

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