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In A Construction Accident? Get The Right Lawyer in Baton Rouge

In a Construction Accident? Get the Right Lawyer in Baton Rouge

When something goes wrong on a construction site, it’s often devastating and traumatic. It’s also often not your fault and could’ve been avoided if everything and everybody followed all of the rules and regulations. If you’ve been in a construction accident, you can find the right lawyer with our Baton Rouge personal injury firm. Discover more about your rights and see how we can help you at WCW.

Know Your Rights

No matter if you’re a worker or an unfortunate passerby, you have rights if you were hurt in a construction accident. But it’s often a complicated process. The person ultimately responsible for the accident could be almost anybody on the team. It could also just be the company is negligent and liable for injuries. In these events, it’s best to contact your lawyer to see what next steps need to be taken and what rights you have. 

Additionally, these events are why we have OSHA standards in place. Not only are they for keeping the workplace and sites safe for everyone, but they’re also so we can have protections for those who are caught in negligence. If you were unfortunate enough to be a victim of one of these negligent cases, trust one of our lawyers to take care of you.

Law Can Be Complicated

Depending on your exact situation, your case might be a multifaceted one. Meaning, the laws surrounding your case may not be as cut and dry as you hope. Even if it’s fairly obvious that it isn’t your fault. But which legal areas could impact your case? 

  • Workers’ Compensation. If you’re injured on the job, you’re likely to be eligible for workers’ compensation. However, there are some cases where the employer or insurance company will try to reject their worker’s need for benefits. You have a right to these benefits, so let our construction accident lawyer in Baton Rouge help you with your case.
  • General Personal Injury. Sometimes your injury or situation doesn’t fall into a specific category of personal injury law. What if you have a slip and fall through a construction area that wasn’t labeled properly? Let’s talk about your case.
  • Employment Law. Are you having trouble with your employment now because of your injuries? Or perhaps you’re having trouble with getting the benefits that your loved one’s work promised you? Remember: you have options. Let’s talk about Louisiana employment law. 

There are a number of other factors that tie into how your case is going to go. Let the experienced attorneys at WCW help you navigate these legal complexities.

Get a Construction Accident Lawyer in Baton Rouge With WCW

When you’ve been in a construction accident, you need a lawyer you can really trust in Baton Rouge. So when you need to go through the legal process, WCW is here to help you manage your case and assist you during this difficult time. If you have any questions for our team, feel free to give us a call at 225-383-4010 or contact us online. One of our professionals will be with you as soon as possible. 

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