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Finding The Right Attorney To Represent You In A Severe Injury Case

It doesn’t always happen to the other guy. Sometimes bad things can happen to you, too. And few things in life are worse than being involved in an accident where you sustain severe injuries. If it has happened to you, contact a personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge immediately to get help!

Severe Injury: The Costs

Your life is immediately turned upside down. You, and more likely your family are left to deal with medical bills, doctor visits, an extended hospital stay, a loss of income from your job and more. The list goes on and on at a time when you are least equipped to handle it.

However, if your severe injuries are the result of someone else’s actions, then you do have recourse to try and recover your costs, as well as punitive damages, to ease the financial burden in your difficult situation. It’s obvious, to assist you, you’ll need a top flight attorney, but how do you decide which one is right for you?

Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney in Baton Rouge

Consider some of these traits before committing to an attorney to work on your behalf.

They should have experience and a great track record. It’s not just the number of years they’ve been practicing, but how many and what kind of cases they’ve handled as well. You want someone who deals with the type of injuries you’ve sustained, as well as an attorney who can demonstrate a track record of gaining full settlements for their clients.

A good negotiator…a great litigator. Most cases are settled before they go to trial, so you’ll want someone who knows how to reach an agreement when it is warranted. However, you’ll also want someone who is tenacious when it comes to trying a case in front of a judge and jury. They should get bonus points if they already have experience working in the same jurisdiction where your case will be adjudicated.

An excellent communicator. Keeping you in the loop will ease your fears and reduce the amount of tension in your life as you try to recover. Find someone who is open with you and consistent with their updates as a case progresses. You are both on the same team, and when the attorney wins, you’ll both stand to benefit financially. It’s important to build trust for the best possible outcome.

WFCW: Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorney

Williamson Fontenot Campbell & Whittington is a personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge which is proud to claim experience with severe injury cases and claims. Our Baton Rouge injury attorneys know how to guide clients through this process seamlessly.

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