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Find the right personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge.

Find Yourself A Reliable Personal Injury Lawyer In Baton Rouge

When you’re the victim of an injury, it’s difficult to figure out what to do next. If you feel that you have cause for a court case, come to us! At WFCW, we devote ourselves to your case from beginning to end. Your injury might be causing you major trauma, or making it difficult to handle everyday life. You deserve to get what you’re owed. Contact WFCW for a reliable personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge.

Types of General Personal Injury

General personal injury cases can be complicated. Every possible injury and situation has its own rules and regulations. We also happen to tackle a fair number of these cases.

  • Scars and Broken Bones: Broken bones and scars can leave more than physical blemishes. Depending on the severity, trauma and any debilitating effects can last a lifetime. A personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge can take care of the legal burdens so you can focus on yourself.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents: Due to legislative reasons, it is more difficult to win a slip and fall case. You don’t need to simply fall on someone’s property, you need to prove that it wasn’t safe.
  • Burns and Electrocutions: Very few cases are more devastating. With specialists on our side, WFCW knows the ins and outs. With our specialists, you can be sure that we have your back.
  • Dog Bites: More than 4 million people are bitten by dogs per year. As a result, around half of these people need medical treatment. In many cases, the owner is liable for any bills or suffering you feel.

No matter what you’ve suffered, WFCW can do something for you. Win your case today!

A Fun Fact About Tort Law

Personal injury law is also called tort law. The word “tort” comes from the Latin torquere meaning to twist. This turned into tortum or wrong/injustice and the current tort meaning wrong or injury. Tort law and cases aren’t focused on punishing the defendant but are for consoling the injured. You aren’t winning this case to hurt others, but to get what you deserve to get back on track.

Other Types Of Practices We Handle

At WFCW, our lawyers handle more than just general cases. We also specialize in:

Have you found yourself a victim of any of these tragedies? Contact WFCW today to get yourself the legal help you need.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer In Baton Rouge

It’s difficult to be a victim of an injury. Suffering from any remaining trauma, disabilities, or immobility changes your life drastically. However, no matter the circumstances, you deserve to continue with your life. Find the best personal injury lawyer in Baton Rouge with WFCW.

Our office is located at 955 Mc Clung Street and opens at 8 a.m. Monday through Friday. To contact us, please feel free to call 225-383-4010, email, or use our confidential form. We look forward to hearing from you. Let’s win your case together.

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