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5 Ways A Car Accident Attorney Can Help

There are plenty of ways in which a car accident attorney can help if you’ve been in an accident. Whether it’s a fender bender or your car is totaled, you do have an opportunity to protect yourself financially from an accident.

1 – We’ll Do The Work For You

At WFCW, we’re prepared to do all the work for you. After the accident, you don’t need the headache of dealing with legal matters. We’ll dig into the details and make sure that you are protected financially from any wrong-doing by others. You deserve to be protected and we’ll do the work of protecting you legally.

2 – We Get Paid Only When You Get Paid

It’s true! Our car accident attorney will only get paid when you get paid. That means we’re not dragging our feet, we’re not working slow. We want to get paid, too. So, we have the same sense of urgency that you do. More importantly, it means we’re on the same team.

3 – We’re Incentivized To Get You The Most Money Possible

There is a financial incentive for us to do as good of a job as possible. We get paid more money when your settlement is larger, there’s a direct correlation. So, we’re not going to settle for some smaller amount if we believe it would be better to keep fighting.

4 – We Work For You, Not Insurance Companies

As we said above, we’re on the same team. That’s not true of insurance companies, who have financial incentives directly opposed to you. They are not trying to work with you but to prevent you from being financially protected.

5 – We Bring Expertise

You need to know when to continue the fight and when to settle. Williamson Fontenot Campbell & Whittington has been involved in numerous car accident lawsuits in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas over the years.

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We’re ready to help you protect yourself, legally and financially! Give us a call or contact us and we’ll dig into the details of your case as soon as possible!

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